What has CSL done for older Coloradans – besides reminding our legislators, when they are deep into creating new laws that impact so many Coloradans, that the interests of our older population must be specifically included?

And why should you care?
Read the article below to get the answers to these questions.

Did you know that many of our members are very active in developing and promoting fixes for some of our state’s most difficult issues, working closely with our legislators, while others quietly support that work with their annual membership dues? Please read on, and provide your voice, participation, and/or quiet support.

Here are a few examples of CSL’s work:

Our members are and/or were lead proponents of:

  • The Senior Property Tax Exemption in the year 2000 and more recently, in 2018, a leader in educating our citizens about this and related property tax legislation impacting older Coloradans.
  • Requiring known instances of the financial abuse of people over the age of 70 to be reported to authorities.
  • Making the physical abuse of people over age 70 – unlawful restraint and confinement—being tied up, locked up–a felony.
  • Changing statutory language (in many existing laws) regarding “senility”, “Alzheimer’s”, “dementia”, “retarded”, to simply: “dementia diseases and related disabilities”. This small, but extremely powerful, change in language opens up new possibilities for treatment for those afflicted: increasing awareness, acceptance, financial support and care for those thousands of Coloradans whose lives are dramatically altered by a neuro-degenerative disease. The words DO matter, especially to the over 350,000 affected Coloradans and their families and friends.

Our small, dedicated, and powerful “Capitol Gang” spends countless hours during each legislative session being visible, working with legislators and staff, testifying in committee hearings—continually raising awareness of the issues of older Coloradans. (Maybe you’d like to be a “Gang Member” of a gang that does GOOD things for both present and future older people?).

For Example:

  • Improving access to housing of all types for low to middle income levels
  • Continued support of legislation lowering the cost of drugs (including importation from Canada), reducing or eliminating both surprise and opaque billing for health care
  • Supporting a pilot program for public guardianship for older adults who have no family, friends and no support network; no one to look out for their interests.
  • Looking to the future: supporting the study and implementation of a plan to increase the numbers of retirees who have sufficiently saved for their own retirement.
  • Supporting preventive community services that will reduce future costs of treating avoidable chronic and critical health conditions.

We have members who are actively engaged in the many organizations and groups whose purpose is to focus on the issues of older Coloradans—both present and future. Examples include the Strategic Action Planning Group on Aging, the Colorado Commission on Aging, CSL Legislative Committee, Area Agencies on Aging, community non-profit organizations like A Little Help.

We also offer educational events on topics of interest to present and future older Coloradans: Property Taxes, State Revenue and Spending and our intricate structure for funding state services, becoming an active citizen in the policy making process, and more.

My personal thanks to the many men and women who have served older Coloradans, through their outstanding work with Colorado Senior Lobby, over the past four decades.

What will the next four decades bring? Join us and help shape our future.

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Thanks, Bob Brocker
President – Colorado Senior Lobby