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For those of you who read our monthly newsletter, you know that there have been some changes in the CSL board makeup. You also know that Senior Day at the Capitol is March 13, 2019. We have a team of volunteers diligently working on planning that event, which will be quite different than previous Senior Day events. More about all that later as the work unfolds.

You may not be aware that CSL has a real need for volunteers to perform a variety of tasks. Those tasks include: Computer work such as helping to manage lists, welcoming new members, newsletter help, recruiting new members, recruiting sponsors for Sr. Day, taking notes at our Monday meetings for posting to our website, public speakers to inform and educate community organizations about CSL (such as senior centers, churches, universities, and many others), involvement in community events (manning a table to talk to people about CSL), and to provide some backup to our primary volunteers. And, of course, being an advocate at the Capitol.

Much of this can be done from anywhere in Colorado. Let us know if you are interested in being a volunteer and what you might like to do.

We also need a couple of volunteers who can help others to learn to use a new video conferencing tool called ZOOM, which will allow those of you who cannot make it in person to our Monday meetings to see and hear presentations on your home computer as we are seeing them here in Denver. ZOOM is actually pretty simple to use, but if you’ve never used a video conferencing tool, it will take a little training to be comfortable with it. Volunteers for this task should be experienced in using one of these tools: gotomeeting, webex, Zoom, or similar software.

A final note, for now, and this is important.

Due to increasing costs for the software service CSL uses to produce the state bill report, CSL will, effective January 30, 2019 no longer absorb that cost for non-members of CSL. To get access to the bill report after that date, you must be a CSL member. Prior to January 30, every member in good standing as of January 15 will be given a login password to access the bill report . For anyone signing up as a member after January 15, it will take about 14 days to process your membership to get a password for StateBill. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

To refresh your memory on what the State Bill Report provides, please click here to see a 2018 session report – CLICK HERE

Also please remember that in order to have a vote at our Legislative Committee meetings, you must be a member. And, frankly, in order to know what is being discussed during the legislative session, you need to have access to the bill report. The state bill report is an essential tool CSL uses to identify legislative proposals that may impact older Coloradans. It is critical to our mission and provides a real value to members.

Membership for 2019 is only $30 per year for an individual, $40 per year for the household. The value of CSL membership is much greater than its cost.

We are all volunteers. Some of us put in more hours per week than we would if we had a real job. Even without being paid, there are still costs to running a non-profit organization.

Become a member, please – JOIN TODAY

Thank you.

Robert Brocker
President – Colorado Senior Lobby President
303 862 8711