Sometimes at Colorado Senior Lobby we become concerned that when we ask for volunteers or for you to join, that you picture having to be somewhere at a certain time on certain days, or that you must sign up for “X” number of hours each month – and so it starts to look like a “JOB”.

Be not afraid – there are a number of ways for you to volunteer the time you are willing to give.

And what are those ways that you can lend your experience, skills, and time to Colorado Senior Lobby?

Great question, here are the answers (and you may have your own ideas—we’d love to hear them).

First and foremost, know that your engagement in Colorado Senior Lobby takes you beyond the stereotypical view some people have of senior citizens being “reliable yet poorly informed voters.” By being an engaged volunteer, you will be much better informed about the issues of most interest to older Coloradans – and those who will become “older”.

Some of the Boomers were out there in the streets protesting the Vietnam War back in the 60’s; as we’ve matured, we’ve learned there are other ways to effect change.

Informed citizens who engage in the legislative process can and will make the most difference. So, we encourage studying and understanding existing and proposed policies in order to present informed positions to our legislators and rule makers: this is what true “citizen advocacy” and “citizen lobbying” is all about.

But, you may say, “I don’t know how to get informed, how to talk to legislators and rule makers (or even who they are)”. Few of us working with Colorado Senior Lobby today knew this stuff either. We learned by engaging with CSL: we offer training, guidance, discussion, and camaraderie. Bring us your interest and curiosity, and know that citizen lobbyist actions work!

Now, with all that as background – knowing what CSL can do for you — what specifically can you do for CSL?

  • Participate in person or by phone in our Legislative Committee meetings to discuss ideas, policies, and legislation.
  • Study policy issues for CSL to proactively promote and provide that learning to those who make regular appearances at the Capitol as our CSL advocates (AND, THIS COULD BE YOU!).
  • Dig into legislation proposed by our state senators and representatives – helping the rest of us to better understand potential impacts.
  • Talk to your district representatives and senators about the issues CSL is talking about, and to your neighbors, friends, relatives.
  • Make phone calls to people regarding CSL activities, tasks.
  • Suggest (and recruit) potential new organization, and individual, members for CSL
  • Volunteer at CSL events
  • Become a speaker and talk to small groups about CSL and its importance
  • Become a director of a satellite CSL group in your community – we’d love to talk to you about that.
  • Become an active advocate/citizen lobbyist for CSL (or yourself) at the Capitol. It’s much easier than you may think. We will help you prepare and are here to support you.
  • Invent a new way of volunteering for CSL.

Colorado Senior Lobby is the only non-partisan, non-affiliated, all-volunteer non-profit that has been serving the entire spectrum – every stripe and category of Colorado seniors for 39 years; helping all ages learn more about how public policy and resource allocation affects senior-related issues and other services in the state.

Our organization helps citizens become active participants in the public legislation processes and to become vibrant, empowered citizens because you are knowledgeable about the system.

Another way to think about our volunteering with Colorado Senior Lobby: it is great training and background and relationship building if you have the spark of interest in running for office in your community.

Have questions? Call the Lobby at 303-832-4535 or send us an email.

And please join today and find your volunteer niche – CLICK HERE