On Monday, June 17th Colorado Senior Lobby had their “2019 Interim Period Activity Planning–Preparing for 2020” meeting. We are glad to report that 31 people attended and many of the attendees stepped up and volunteered to research issues and bills for 2020.

Here is a link to the official topic research list which includes the bill topics, action needed and those that are volunteering to do the research – CLICK HERE

If you missed this meeting but are interested in volunteering in the research please send us an email.

At our Monday, July 15th Legislative Committee Meeting, we’ll be checking in on progress for each item listed below. We will expect to learn who is heading up the teams (if possible), filling in a few blanks, and seeking clarity on the “new ideas” in terms of definition.

As a quick review the topics and bills we are researching for 2020 are listed below:

  1. Statewide health care review committee – Also reference HB19-1004
  2. Secure Saving Plan Study
  3. FAMLI Leave Study
  4. Home Care Agencies – Medicaid-pay for workers
  5. Nursing Home Penalty Cash Fund Spending
  6. PTC-provided small increase in grant amounts and indexes grants to inflation. Also adds eligibility to persons living in non-profit housing. A newer idea is to develop a draft for integrating the PTC program with Sr. Homestead Exemption—consolidating the two pieces of legislation.
  7. Insulin pricing cap ($100 per month) – HCPF, Division of Insurance
  8. Mobile Home Park Bill
  9. Government owned land inventory for affordable housing potential—Capital Development Committee
  10. Community hospital-community input
  11. Advance Medical Directive data base
  12. Legislative staff to prepare demographic notes on certain, identified bills
  13. Census 2020 Bill–$6 million one-time spend—grants
  14. Modify sales tax vendor fee to provide more $$ for affordable housing via Grant Fund-to be administered by division of housing (DOLA). We are inviting DH to a future meeting to discuss housing bills.
  15. Takes $$ from Unclaimed Property Fund and allocates to affordable housing via a Grant Fund–to be administered by Division of Housing
  16. Increase Funding for Older Coloradans Fund/State Funding for Senior Services, which is disbursed to AAA’s–current law provides $10 million p/y in legislated funding +$15 million from ____; $3 million p/y for five years (July 1, 2019—June 30, 2024), Budget funding. Combined with Federal Funding of about $17 million p/y which is distributed to AAA’s throughout state.
  17. Expand Access to good Broadband in low internet speed areas of Colorado–includes both Rural and Urban areas. Requires working with Colorado Broadband office of the Governor’s IT department.
  18. Increase funding for preventative programs and services (including non-medical services and supports) that are more cost effective
  19. Open up opportunities for state departments and the local agencies they fund to collaborate in new ways on program and service delivery, regardless of payor source. Suggest beginning with CDHS, HCPF and CDOT.
  20. Evaluate performance of the state’s elder abuse statutes and identify areas for improvement.
  21. Review opportunities to transition older prisoners from correctional facilities to less expensive community-based settings.
  22. Review and develop ways to assist seniors with insurance premiums who are pre-Medicare and not working.
  23. Work with schools to hire older adults to assist in the classroom: people of color, different language, cultural diversity and be sure the pay is appropriate for the older adults. Don’t let there be a penalty for those who are receiving PERA and wanting to work with the schools. And consideration for volunteers in exchange for a property tax reduction.
  24. Continue to provide school loan repayments for the current loan repayment program and include all healthcare providers working in rural areas of the state. (PT, OT, LPN,RN, homehealth aide, radiological techs, lab tech, etc) AND Increasing the numbers of Geriatric Nurses and Doctors is sorely needed. One idea is student loan forgiveness for those who enter this field, scholarships – CDPHE, national Geriatric
  25. Research existing laws for fines and penalties connected to Senior Issues to inventory them
  26. Frailty Planning
  27. Looking into Medicaid buy-in for people over 55
  28. The Mix of affordable and market housing
  29. Transportation Issues for Seniors
  30. Mental Health Issues for Seniors
  31. Looking into recently passed legislation in Washington State related to long term care

If you have any questions on this work – send us an email. Or if you missed the meeting and want to volunteer contact Colorado Senior Lobby. Below are details about the July 15th Legislative Committee Meeting:

July 15, 2019 – Monday, 9:30AM – 11:30AM
Followup  on the Legislative Actions Planning & Input for 2020
Location: Disability Law Colorado Offices – Main Conference Room
Address: 455 Sherman St, Denver, CO 80203
There is street parking at this location
RSVP Online so we can plan refreshments – CLICK HERE
This is the second planning meeting on legislative actions that have either been taken and could use follow up, along with other proposed legislation that might be shaped into projects for the summer. At our July 15 meeting, we’ll be checking in on progress for each item, expecting to learn who is heading up the teams (if possible), filling in a few blanks, and seeking clarity on the “new ideas” in terms of definition. Any of this that can be provided ahead of time will be great. One of the key reasons for following the implementation of the bills listed is so that the people involved know that we are paying attention to what they are doing; we cannot overlook the importance of that.

The Colorado Senior Lobby Legislative Committee Meetings are generally held every Monday while the legislature is in session. During the summer and fall the Legislative Committee Meetings generally meet twice a month. Please let us know if you plan to attend in person as space is limited – call 303-832-4535. Use the NEW Zoom call in number 1-720-707-2699 – Our meeting ID is 881 481 5119. Use *6 to mute and unmute your phone.