Are you a Coloradan age 50+?

Take a Workforce Survey for Coloradans 50+!

Whether you’re employed, unemployed, looking for work or not, Changing the Narrative in Colorado would like to hear from you. Please take this less than 8-minute anonymous survey – you could win a $100 gift card, and most of all, help inform the kind of workforce policies and programs that will make this a better state for all of us.

We want to know more about your work and job seeking experiences. You’ll be helping to inform future policy and programs for older Coloradans.

Survey ends July 10, 2020 – Don’t delay! Take the survey today!

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More about the Survey

On June 19, Changing the Narrative, a Colorado-based campaign to increase understanding of ageism and to shift how Coloradans think about aging, will begin to survey the state’s older adults about their pre- and post-COVID experiences in the workplace.

By gathering feedback from adults age 50+ on the challenges they have encountered in the workforce and when applying for jobs in addition to noting the strengths they bring to the workforce, information and advice can be shared with employers who are re-hiring.

Responses also will be used to help inform programming designed to assist those experiencing difficulties and to help people age 50+ gain access to meaningful work that fully uses their talents and abilities.

“By August 1, when the unemployment insurance benefits run out, people will be seeking work and needing resources to do so,” said Karen Brown, Director of the Changing the Narrative Age-friendly Workplace Initiative. “Changing the Narrative believes that there are adults age 50+ sharing similar characteristics and needs. By learning more about what those are, based on the real experience of adults age 50+ impacted by COVID-19, we can inform employers, the state, local counties, and nonprofits to design solutions, programs and policies that will help people age 50+ get back to work, benefitting older adults, employers and Colorado’s economy.”

Questions in the survey range from “Are you looking for work and how long have you been looking?” to “Why are you seeking employment,” as well as questions about ageism in the workplace.

All responses will remain anonymous. This survey takes six to eight minutes to complete. At the end of the survey, respondents will have a chance to enter a drawing for one of five $100 gift cards.

Older adults in Colorado who were, are, or hope to be in the workforce are encouraged to take the brief survey.

Take the Survey Now – CLICK HERE

Learn more about Changing the Narrative by visiting their website