If you are interested in helping with the research attend our Monday, June 17th event – LEARN MORE

Summer is the perfect time to start researching issues for the 2020 legislative session for both new legislation and understanding and providing input on legislation that has passed.

For example, “Colorado Caps Insulin Co-Pays At $100 For Insured Residents” made national news. So we know what the bills says it will do, next we have to understand the details of how this will be implemented. Also what can we learn from this bill in regard to the high costs of other prescriptions?

Read more about the bill – HB19-1216 – Reduce Insulin Prices – CLICK HERE

Below are the research topics and issues that The Colorado Senior Lobby Legislative Committee needs volunteers to help research during the summer. This is a planning meeting on legislative actions that have either been taken and could use follow up, along with other proposed legislation that might be shaped into projects for the summer.

Your interest level will determine which of these activities CSL actually engages in. It will also determine if our organization is to take a more pro-active approach to issues impacting Colorado’s older adults. If you are interested in helping with the research attend our Monday, June 17th event.

2019 Interim Period Activity Planning Topics – Preparing for 2020
Do any of these topics interest you and/or do you have critical background to help research these topics? 

  • Advance medical directive database implementation
  • Community hospital input
  • Expand access to good broadband in low Internet speed areas of Colorado for both rural and urban areas
  • FAMLI Leave Study
  • Government owned land inventory for affordable housing potential
  • Home Care Agencies Medicaid pay for workers
  • Increase funding for older Coloradans Fund
  • Increase numbers of geriatric nurses and doctors
  • Nursing Home Penalty Cash Fund Spending
  • PTC small increase in grant amounts
  • Small groups to follow up on the implementation of 2019 bills affecting older adults
  • And there are other topics

Review 2019 Interim Period Activity Planning – Preparing for 2020 – CLICK HERE

Also interesting to note is that Colorado Legislators are also working during the summer on Interim Committees. These committees meet in the “interim”, between legislative sessions, to consider issues of importance to the state. Interim committees generally meet for only one interim period. Here is a link to a web page to see the list of Interim Committees for Summer 2019 (Note that you need to scroll down to the list) – CLICK HERE