Exciting News

In May of 2021 Colorado Senior Lobby is transitioning to the Colorado Center for Aging (CCA) with a 501 c 3 tax status. The mission of CCA is simple – to strengthen the aging network by raising the voice of older Coloradans in all its diversity of ideas, cultures, and geography in communities across the state.

You might ask why rebrand an organization that is well known.
Much has changed since Colorado Senior Lobby was formed forty years ago. Demographics have shifted dramatically to older and the age of policy makers has shifted to younger. The very word “lobby” has negative connotations to many people. Organizations that provide funding to non-profits typically exclude the 501c4 IRS designation (which CSL is) – and especially those using the word “lobby” from funding consideration.

In order to continue to survive and grow, your CSL board decided to rename the organization and to obtain the more favorable 501c3 tax status from the IRS.

Mission Accomplished

Our new tax status was granted in December 2020 under the name Colorado Center for Aging. We are introducing a new website very soon and are actively seeking board member candidates to become directors of the Colorado Center for Aging.

These are the experiences/qualifications we seek for our new board members – and no one person checks all these boxes, this is why we seek a total of nine people from among you, our members, and that includes current CSL board members.

  • Keen awareness of aging issues
  • Professional fund-raising experience and willingness to use it for CCA
  • Marketing and communications—professional experience
  • A well-established network of business, community, and/or academic professionals
  • Solid background in financial areas of a business or non-profit organization
  • Business management experience
  • Hands on Advocacy experience
  • Volunteer recruitment and coordination

We welcome applicants who are under age 50 as we welcome those over age 50.  We seek cultural diversity. We seek people from around the state. This is not a Denver-centric board. We offer the unique opportunity to create the future of a dynamic, refreshed organization.

The new CCA board will be seated by June 1 and the first CCA board meeting—via Zoom–will be on June 15. Officer elections will be held at that meeting as well.

This is going to be an exciting time for an organization that is poised to broaden its relationships with diverse communities statewide. Join us.

Actions for Applying to the CCA Board

  • If you are interested in applying, please send an email to president@coloradoseniorlobby.org, and we’ll then provide you with an application.
  • You must be a CSL member to apply; if you are not a member, and are interested, join now. Memberships with CSL will be automatically shifted to the Colorado Center for Aging once the transition is completed.
  • If you know someone you think would be a good fit, send this to them.

Why This New Look Is So Important

For those of you have been involved with Colorado Senior Lobby for some time, or are relatively new, you have seen that most of our work involves informing and educating the public, community leaders and elected officials regarding issues that impact the health and well-being of older Coloradans. We host several such sessions each year, typically with collaborating organizations like AARP, Aging 2.0, Changing the Narrative, Bell Policy, Colorado Fiscal Institute, and others. Those events include most recently Older Coloradans Week and our time with author and radio personality Chris Farrell to learn more about his latest book “Purpose and a Paycheck”, both just a couple of months ago. In pre-COVID times, we had in person events focused on helping us all to learn more about Colorado’s unique taxing structure, including a special focus on our Homestead Exemption.

Also, through the efforts of our volunteers, we focus on public policy issues in the form of agency rule making and legislative activities—staying active and visible as a constant reminder to those in power that older Coloradans must have a seat at the table on issues that impact us – even when that may not seem so apparent. Raising the voice of older Coloradans, always.

For those of us on the CSL board, we have realized for some time that our important work must be spread more broadly and deeply among the many diverse communities across Colorado, including in our larger cities. Just a month or so ago, CSL was clearly recognized as a force for good by the Colorado House of Representatives with a tribute on the House floor.