Found an article in the Denver Post from February that tallks about how older adults could help Colorado’s tight labor market. Unemployment is low in Colorado and many employers are looking to fill positions – those positions could be filled by older adults.

From the article in the February 2019, Denver Post Janine Vanderburg of Changing the Narrative says, “We have workplace shortages. We can’t fill jobs. There are reports projecting slowing economic growth due to worker shortages and we have this hidden treasure: all the older people with built-up skills and experience.”

This sounds like a great match – let’s see this movement go forward.

Read the complete article in the Denver Post
Combating ageism in Colorado, initiative promotes older workers as way to address state’s tight labor market” –

“Colorado’s unemployment remains low. The labor market remains tight. A lack of enough skilled workers to fill spots could be a drag on the economy. And Colorado’s over-65 population is the third-fastest-growing in the nation …” – READ MORE

And learn more about Ageism and Janine Vanderburg of Changing the Narrative
Five Things You Can Do in 2019 to End Ageism”

“2019 is upon us, and why we need to end ageism is clearer than ever. A new study by ProPublica showed that more than half of older workers in the U.S. are pushed out of jobs before they choose, often leading to serious and irreversible financial impacts. And a recent study by the Yale School of Public Health calculated that the health costs of ageism in the U.S. exceed $63 billion annually. Not to mention the loss of human potential and to the economy when we dismiss the strengths and talents of individuals simply due to their age. The challenge may seem daunting, but there are things that each of us can do in 2019 to help end ageism …” – READ MORE