“Pro” and “Con” information regarding Repealing the Gallagher Amendment (Amendment B)

This information is provided by Building a Better Colorado (BBCO)

If you’d like to learn more about “Amendment B” on the November ballot (the legislature’s proposal to repeal the Gallagher Amendment), below are the “Pro” and “Con” campaign websites.

Because many of you have requested more information about “Amendment B”, and because this policy idea was the preferred recommendation of the 1800 participants in BBCO’s 2019 statewide conversation in 37 communities, we’re providing you the following links to the “Pro” and “Con” campaign websites so you can learn more.

Amendment B has been referred to the ballot by your state legislature and would repeal the Gallagher Amendment from the state constitution in order to stabilize property tax rates.  As a non-advocacy non-partisan organization, BBCO takes no position on Amendment B (or any other policy proposal).

Visit the “YES on Amendment B” website – CLICK HERE
Website: https://yesonamendmentb.com/

Visit the “NO on Amendment B” website – CLICK HERE
Website: https://keeptaxeslowco.com/

What do YOU think Coloradans should do?

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