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Community Leaders,
Kara here with the Governor’s Community Engagement team! In an effort to continue to provide you with an official update from the Governor’s office, below are some updates and information that the Governor provided. We appreciate your support in helping to share these updates with your network.

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Topline Update

The State currently has 87,582 cases, 2,182 total deaths (2,060 are due to COVID), and 8,332 hospitalizations out of 1,095,721 completed tests. Every death is a tragedy. There are families and friends mourning across our state today and we keep them in our thoughts.

In terms of new cases, 11 of the last 14 days have had an upward trend and 3 of the last 14 days have had a downward trend in the 7-day moving average of newly reported cases. And in terms of hospitalizations, 9 of the last 14 days have had an upward trend, and 5 of the last 14 days have a downward trend in the 7-day moving average of new hospitalizations.

This case data is broken down by various categories, is updated daily, and can be found here.

Wildfire Update

Cameron Peak Fire: 205,004 and 51% contained.
o Mandatory evacuations are still in place.
o The focus will remain on completing containment objectives on the southeast corner and around the spot fire.
o Damage assessments in process.

Calwood Fire: 9,365 acres and 17% contained.
o Crews are conducting structure protection operations.
o Mandatory evacuations are still in place.
o Damage assessments are in process.

Lefthand Fire: 470 acres and 4% contained.
o Very active fire behavior.

East Troublesome Fire: 15,546 acres and 10% contained.
o Mandatory evacuations in place.

Ice Fire: In San Juan County near Silverton. 320 acres.
o Several hikers evacuated by helicopter during the initial response.
o Fire is highly visible from Highway 550.

In August, Dan Gibbs, Executive Director at the Department of Natural Resources, gave Coloradans a firsthand account of what it was like to fight on the front lines of the Grizzly Creek Fire. Director Gibbs has been a Type II wildland firefighter for thirteen years. This last Saturday, he was called to help fight the Cameron Peak Fire northeast of Estes Park, in Division X (the southeast part of the fire). He is currently working with a US Forest Service Arapaho Roosevelt National Forest wildfire initial attack team, doing structure protection.

The State of Colorado is thankful for the efforts of Director Gibbs and all the other Coloradans and visiting firefighters on the front lines] men and women who are on the front lines fighting multiple fires around the state. These folks are working day and night to contain these fires, risking their own lives and spending countless hours away from their families to protect local communities.

Remember that the danger these fires pose stretch far beyond the blazes themselves. If you are experiencing respiratory symptoms due to smoky conditions, visit to make a plan to get tested.

Increasing Cases and Hospitalizations

Governor Polis was joined today by Dr. Rachel Herlihy, Colorado’s lead epidemiologist, Jill Hunsaker Ryan, Executive Director of CDPHE, and Kate Greenberg, Colorado’s Commissioner of Agriculture, to provide an update on the State’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Herlihy shared the latest COVID-19 modeling data; addressed the increase Colorado has seen in hospitalization trends, ICU capacity trends, and overall case rates; and recent research on the effective reproductive numbers of the virus. Dr. Herlihy also outlined possible projections as Colorado takes on the most recent wave, which is comparable if not further reaching than those of last Spring and July.

Concerning trends that the state has been observed, warning Coloradans about over the last couple weeks, are unfortunately, continuing. Cases continue to increase, hospitalizations rates continue to mount, and neither trajectory seems to be changing.

The rate of positive COVID-19 tests per 100,000 people has climbed to 6.24%. 5% is the minimum threshold that experts agree should determine whether communities loosen restrictions. According to the World Health Organization, governments should not reopen until positive test rates are below 5% for at least two weeks. Thus, as hospitalizations continue to increase, it will be increasingly important to take actions like getting the flu shot in order to keep hospital beds open for COVID-19 response.

These numbers underscore the ongoing and increased responsibility of Coloradans to follow coronavirus restrictions and make a concentrated effort to get the state back on track to conquer this virus. If transmission control practices relax during the upcoming holiday season (as they did during the 4th of July and Labor Day holidays), the consequences will be dire. Coloradans will need to be extra vigilant in following coronavirus guidance over the coming weeks to ensure that we can maintain safe virus levels through Thanksgiving.

We cannot be complacent. The status quo is simply not acceptable.

The Governor knows that Coloradans are all tired of this virus, but as he has said before, this virus is not tired of us. The state only has a short window of time to get this back under control, and it’s up to each and every one of us to do our part to make that happen.

Dial Framework

Back in September, the Governor unveiled the Dial Framework tool to further provide transparency, clarity, and predictability for Coloradans and local government officials as they work to protect themselves and reopen their economies.

At that meeting, Director Ryan explained the practical impacts of the tool in allowing for a more locally tailored response to COVID-19.

This tool provides a real-time, visual representation of a community’s success in containing the spread of COVID-19, and allows each region to tailor their response to the pandemic based on their circumstances. Counties are able to transition between the five dial levels (Protect Our Neighbors, Safer at Home: Cautious, Safer at Home: Concern, Safer at Home: High-Risk, and Stay at Home) by working in tandem with the state.

A recent example of this was Boulder County’s quick response to its recent local outbreak, implementing short-term and immediate restrictions and guidelines that ultimately decreased their numbers from around 150 cases a day to 30 cases a day. This local response has been proven to be effective, and Arapahoe, Denver, and Adams counties are now moving to control the virus in a similar fashion.

As case numbers rise, and municipalities like Denver, Adams, and Arapahoe Counties implement tighter restrictions, the Governor addressed some questions about how the state is working to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and whether statewide action is necessary. The Governor stated that getting this virus under control requires strong partnerships between the state and local agencies and officials. The state has been working closely with local governments from the very beginning, ensuring they have the resources they need to take the necessary steps to control outbreaks and limit transmission to within their region.

Ski resort towns like Aspen and Breckenridge have orders in place that require anyone to wear a mask when they are in a “mask zone”–no matter if they are indoors, outdoors, with other people, you name it. When you are in the zone, you need to wear a mask!

If Coloradans are able to contain the virus locally, broad, statewide actions can be avoided.

But to be clear: If statewide action is needed to change course and slow the spread of this virus, the Governor will not hesitate to implement further restrictions to protect the health and safety of Coloradans.

It’s up to each and every one of us to get back to doing what is proven to work: washing hands frequently, wearing a mask, avoiding large groups and limiting social interactions, and physically distancing from others.

“Step Up, Colorado” Campaign

Now more than ever, Coloradans need to do their part to fight this virus. Today, the Governor re-emphasized the importance of taking personal responsibility in limiting viral spread.

Colorado is doing better than other states thanks to all of you at home, but the state has to do better.

That’s why the Governor today was excited to announce a new partnership with CDPHE to launch a statewide media campaign called “Step Up, Colorado” in English, and “Echale Ganas, Colorado” in Spanish. This campaign emphasizes the importance of Coloradans wearing their masks and keeping their distance whenever they are around others.

Every Coloradan can be doing more to protect each other and slow the spread of this virus. For example, one of the most common reasons Coloradans reported for not keeping at least six feet between themselves and others was not having symptoms of the virus, such as a cough or fever. However, everyone should know that it is common to spread the virus before ever developing symptoms, and asymptomatic cases are common.

The campaign launches on digital and social media platforms today, and expands into television, radio, and retail settings over the next few weeks. A CARES Act-funded initiative, “Step Up, Colorado” will run statewide through December 30.

This campaign would not have been made possible without the involvement of more than 60 community influencers throughout the state. The administration is tapping into stakeholders across Colorado to build an effective campaign that showcases Colorado’s diversity and strength, along with the sacrifices Coloradans have made to fight this devastating disease.

The state is grateful to Idea Marketing for all their work getting this campaign off the ground. Idea is a minority owned company that specializes in hard to reach communities. Special thanks are also in order to Jill Ryan, CDPHE Executive Director, and Alison Reidmohr, CDPHE Deputy Communications Director, for dedicating an immense amount of time to this very important campaign.

The administration invites all of you to “step up” today to help spread the word and encourage all Coloradans to protect each other from COVID-19. Influencers are sharing messages to promote the campaign statewide, and we know you are also an influencer in your community. Step Up’s social press kit contains templates for messages you can share to your preferred platform with the touch of a button. Why do you “step up” to slow the spread of COVID-19 in our state?

Additionally, CDPHE and Governor Polis will be sharing campaign messages directly on social media. Everyone is encouraged to like and share campaign messages from both accounts.

Please direct social press kit questions to Sandra Felix at

Agriculture CARES Act Funding

Part of stepping up means continuing to support Colorado ranchers and farmers who are working harder than ever since the pandemic started to supply our state. Today, Colorado’s Agricultural Commissioner Kate Greenberg discussed some of the Department of Agriculture’s efforts and shared some exciting news: the department has introduced a plan to distribute $1M of grant funding allocated by the Governor from the CARES Act to The Colorado Farm & Food System’s Respond and Rebuild Fund. These grants will help fill important gaps in federal aid and support different levels of production and food distribution in the state.

This funding is especially opportune for farmers and ranchers across the state, and the administration wants to ensure all those eligible can apply. Please visit the Department of Agriculture’s website at to learn more about this opportunity and fill out an application. Applications close on November 9.

State of Colorado Job Openings

We are looking for new individuals to fill the following positions! Please feel free to share these openings with your networks.

Senior Health IT Manager, Office of eHealth Innovation

  • Description: The Office of eHealth Innovation is responsible for defining, maintaining, and evolving Colorado’s Health IT strategy to improve health for Coloradans through coordinated health IT infrastructure, policy, and innovation. The Office of eHealth Innovation was formed as a direct result of a consensus between public and private stakeholders on the need of Health IT governance. Executive Order B 2015-008 established Colorado’s Office of eHealth Innovation and the eHealth Commission, with fiscal and administrative support from Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF). The Office and eHealth Commission continue efforts in 2020 and beyond focused on advancing priorities of the Polis-Primavera Administration. The Senior Health IT Project Manager reports to OeHI through the Project Management Office within OIT. This role is responsible for implementing key Roadmap initiatives and collaborating with stakeholders to ensure strategies and projects align with evolving state and community needs.
  • Application Closing Date: 11/13/2020
  • Apply:

Housing Development Manager – Re-announcement, Department of Local Affairs

  • Description: Under the mission of DOLA and the Division of Housing, this position exists to develop new funding programs and policies to meet Coloradans’ affordable housing needs and implement funding programs to ensure services and housing reach the intended recipients throughout Colorado. The position manages, plans, and coordinates the Division’s statewide Grant and Loan programs to assist local governments, housing authorities, for-profit developers, and non-profit developers in planning, prioritizing, and financing affordable housing programs and projects.
  • Application Closing Date: 10/18/2020
  • Apply:

Central I-70 Project Director, Department of Transportation

  • Description: The position will serve as the Department’s project director for the Central I-70 Project. This project is a public/private partnership (P3) and the Director will need to work closely with CDOT’s Chief Engineer, High Performance Transportation Enterprise, and Bridge Enterprise. This will also include constant collaboration with our local partners, specifically the City & County of Denver, Denver International Airport, City of Aurora, Commerce City, and Adams County. This position will provide visionary yet practical leadership, build trust, and openly communicate such that CDOT delivers credible and sustainable public service while maintaining the highest level of quality.
  • Application Closing Date: 10/18/2020
  • Apply:

Director of the Child Development Center at ACC, Arapahoe Community College

Director of Operations – Administrative Solutions, Department of Human Services

  • Description: Reporting to the Deputy Executive Director, this position will have internal and external-facing strategic level responsibilities. The Director of Operations provides support to the Deputy Executive Director and will be involved in the management duties for AS such as supervising designated FTE, acting as a work/project lead for designated FTE, assigning tasks, allocating resources, providing performance input to the Deputy Executive Director, including recommending progressive discipline for the direct reports of the Deputy Executive Director.
  • Application Closing Date: 10/21/2020
  • Apply:

Director, Unemployment Insurance Division, Department of Labor and Employment

  • Description: Reporting to the Deputy Executive Director, this position will have internal and external-facing strategic level responsibilities. The Director of Operations provides support to the Deputy Executive Director and will be involved in the management duties for AS such as supervising designated FTE, acting as a work/project lead for designated FTE, assigning tasks, allocating resources, providing performance input to the Deputy Executive Director, including recommending progressive discipline for the direct reports of the Deputy Executive Director.
  • Application Closing Date: 10/29/2020
  • Apply:

Professional Land Surveyor- Denver Metro, Department of Transportation

  • Description: The primary purpose of this position is to ensure plans and legal descriptions comply with state statutes, department policy, and contract stipulations. Other primary functions require development and certification of right-of-way plans, by signing and stamping plans. This position also conducts project control, topographic, and land boundary surveys, relating all coordinate information to geodetic coordinates using published control.
  • Application Closing Date: Continuous
  • Apply:

State Boards & Commissions Openings

We are continually looking for qualified candidates to serve on almost 320 boards and commissions that oversee a large variety of subjects and make a wide range of decisions affecting your day-to-day lives as Coloradans. These boards are a tremendous opportunity for Coloradans to help govern and give back to the great state of Colorado. Please find upcoming openings below:

Openings/ Upcoming Openings:

• Correctional Industries Advisory Committee
• Fire and Police Pension Association Board of Trustees
• Nurse Physician Advisory Task Force (NPATCH)
• Statewide Independent Living Council
• Medical Assistance and Services Advisory Council
• Colorado Health Service Corps Advisory Council
• Colorado Commission on the Aging
• Colorado State Fair Authority Board of Commissioners
• Children’s Trust Fund Board
• Division of Youth Services Community Boards
• Colorado Aeronautical Board
• Colorado Wildlife Habitat Stamp Committee
• Colorado Human Trafficking Council
• Judicial District Nominating Commissions (Judicial Districts: 2,7,11,12,15,19,20 & 22)

To apply, fill out an application at this link. To see other Boards and Commissions openings for the rest of 2020 and part of 2021, you can visit this link.

If you have any questions about Boards and Commissions, please contact Nikky Patel, Deputy Director of Boards and Commissions at

We greatly appreciate your help to share information during this crisis, and we will continue to send regular updates. As always, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or needs from our office. My cell phone is 720-982-5204. Thank you for doing your part.

We are all in this together!

You can view the Governor’s press briefing and listen to his full remarks here.

Deputy Community Engagement Director

200 E Colfax, State Capitol, Denver, CO 80203