Lt. Governor Diane Primavera attended Colorado Senior Lobby’s Capitol Affair event held on January 27, 2020. This event was held in the Colorado State Capitol. Below are highlights from her speech.

It’s the job of public officials to plan, prepare, and implement solutions that ensure every Colorado community has what they need – the resources – to be a great place for people of all ages and abilities to live, work, and play.

I have personal experience of what it’s like to care for an aging parent – my father: it’s both a privilege and a deep responsibility. Every added year – he lived to be 101 – care is both more extensive and more expensive. Transportation options are extremely limited.

It’s a squeeze between caring for the olders and the youngers at the same time. Many of you understand this from personal experience. This experience, and others, led me, as a then-legislator in 2015 to take the lead in creating SAPGA, as mentioned in the Governor’s remarks.

  • The largest and most significant issue with aging is loss of community – not being able to go where and when you want, missing out on the activities and people you love.  This often leads to isolation, withdrawal, depression, and a decline in mental and physical health.
  • The State can play a crucial role in helping our aging population access to the resources they need to live a dignified life.
  • Every Coloradan should have access to quality, accessible, and affordable health care.
  • We need to go upstream – working on preventing problems before they happen – maximizing quality of life. But not neglecting in any way health care when it’s needed.
  • I head up the Office of Saving People Money on Health Care. We’ve been at it for a year or so – what has happened? We are driving down individual insurance rates through our reinsurance program. Outside the Front Range, even more intensive work has been done in the less or non-competitive market areas. More people will be able to afford insurance. Driving down rates is critical to people who are retiring before they are eligible for Medicare.
  • We pushed for the legislation to allow the importation of drugs from Canada where costs are much lower (further action from Washington is required to have its full effect).
  • We continue efforts to lower the cost prescription drugs, tackling it from several fronts.
  • We continue to work on lowering hospital costs, out of network billing surprises, improving access to health care across the state, increasing competition for health insurance in one-carrier markets in the state (public option).

The Governor and I are your partners in working on behalf of older Coloradans.