Below is a review of CSL Legislative Priorities for 2019. This list was started in 2018. Many people have asked Colorado Senior Lobby about its priorities. The organization has limited resources to research and advocate and so we must focus our energies on those areas we deem most important (Group 1). There are many steps in the legislative process, and to be most effective, we must touch on each of them.

We can dive deeper into each step in the process and be most effective in only two ways: 1) with more people involved in an organized way, 2) by focusing our energies on fewer issues.

We will of course support the efforts of other groups (as they often support us) in collaborations around other senior-related issues (Group 2).

Last updated Sunday, February 9, 2019

GROUP 1 – CSL Priorities

Affordable and Safe Housing and Related Housing Issues for Seniors:

  • Expanding PTC to more people and with more money per applicant
  • Senior Property Tax Exemption
  • Renters Rights—various (deposit issue, eviction process)

Healthcare—several bills already introduced:

  • Drug Cost Transparency
  • Canada Drugs Access
  • Pain Management
  • Medical Billing Issues
  • Telehealth
  • Access to Care

Financial and Physical Security/Protections for Seniors:

  • Elder Abuse/Abandonment/Unlawful Restraint
  • Ombudsman funding
  • State Guardianship Funding/pilot program
  • Financial Exploitation

Mobility – Transportation, access to medical care


The items listed below are areas where we will sign on with other groups but will not be out front.

  • Housing Affordability Issues
  • Supporting State Funding for Senior Services (Older Coloradans Fund)
  • Long-term Services and Supports and Improving Long Term Care (includes mobility/transportation)
  • Improving the everyday Dispute Resolution Process–Includes the long-standing issue of compulsory arbitration
  • Seniors in the Workplace—Retraining for Relevance to Employers, Technology Use and Related skills, Perception of Seniors in the Workplace
  • Independent Living and Combating Social Isolation for Colorado Seniors – “Connectedness”

If you have questions about our CSL Legislative Priorities for 2019, plan on attending a Legislative Committee Meeting

The Colorado Senior Lobby Legislative Committee Chairpersons:

  • Jeanette Hensley – 303-249-5598
    Board of Director & CSL Co-Chairperson of Legislative Committee
  • Rich Mauro – 303-480-6778
    Board of Director & CSL Co-Chairperson of Legislative Committee
    Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG)