On June 8, 2020, the Colorado Senior Lobby Legislative Committee hosted Elizabeth Garner with the Colorado State Demographer, and Michelle Kobayashi, the expert on Colorado’s Assessment Survey of Older Adults (CASOA). We were able to record Michelle Kobayashi’s presentation but we do have the PowerPoint presentations from both. We will be working on recording more presenters at upcoming meetings.

Here are the highlights of the presentation – CLICK HERE

Here are the PowerPoint presentations that Elizabeth Garner and Michelle Kobayashi presented:

  • Elizabeth Garner – Colorado State Demographer
    View PowerPoint PDF – CLICK HERE
  • Michelle Kobayashi – Expert on Colorado’s Assessment Survey of Older Adults (CASOA)
    View PowerPoint PDF – CLICK HERE

Watch the video recorded with Zoom from Michelle Kobayashi’s presentation:

Website Link for Video – CLICK HERE

More about our CSL Legislative Committee Meetings

While the legislature is in session, Colorado Senior Lobby (CSL) holds weekly meetings to review legislation looking for those bills that impact seniors. From these bills, the group selects those that have the greatest potential impact on seniors for weekly discussion. The result is that the Colorado Senior Lobby members will either support or oppose proposed legislation depending on its impact on seniors. Anyone is welcome to attend, but only members can vote on supporting or opposing proposed legislation. If there is uncertainty about legislation, then the group will monitor the proposed legislation. As the bill proceeds through the process it is frequently amended. This may result in the Senior Lobby changing its position in regard to the bill.

During the summer months, Legislative Committee Meetings are held once or twice a month. The summer and fall period is used for researching issues and upcoming bills for the next legislative session.

Learn more about our Legislative Committee Meetings – CLICK HERE