We will have a busy meeting on February 10th – We will be reviewing bills. Below you will see lists of bills that CSL volunteers agreed to dive deeper into and follow. Look for your name below and please report back to the group tomorrow about the status of the bills. More bill reports snapshots are listed below so please read this email thoroughly and come prepared to discuss.

Bills that Members are following and going to report on:
HB20-1196 – Mobile Home Park Updates – Volunteers: Ed, Rich
HB20-1201 – Mobile Home Park Residents Purchase – Volunteers: Ed
HB20-1198 – Pharmacy Benefits Manager Requirements – Volunteers: Ed, Francette
HB20-1220 – Veterans Community  Living Center Services – Volunteers: Bob Epstein
HB20-1221 – Complimentary/Alternative Medicine Pilot – Volunteers: Pat (CGS)
HB20-1160, SB20-107 – Drug Price Transparency Insurance Premium Red – Volunteers: Sandy, Pat, Jeanette
SB20-119 – Expand Canadian Prescription Drug Import Program – Volunteers: Pat and Ed
SB20-040 – Require License to Practice Genetic Counseling – Volunteers: Bob, Anna, Jeanette – see review below
SB20-093 – Consumer And Employee Dispute Resolution Fairness – Volunteers: Jillian, Bob – see review below
SB20-119 – Expand Canadian Prescription Drug Import Program – Volunteers: Pat and Ed
SB20-129 – Protection Of Individuals Subject To A Fiduciary – Volunteers: Jeanette, Kelsey – see review below
SB20-148 – Property Tax Exemption Value Adjustments – Volunteers: Jeanette – see review below

SB20-093 – Consumer And Employee Dispute Resolution Fairness
Passed second reading in the Senate on February 6, 2020!
There were some significant amendments made. The most significant of those were made to the transparency and unenforceable terms sections of the bill.  The transparency provisions for the arbitration service providers were changed so that they will not have to made publicly available, but instead the information will be provided to the parties to a dispute they administer or are proposed to administer.  Much of the standard form contract provisions of the bill were eliminated though the remedies remain.  Attached is the engrossed version of the bill with all second reading amendments.

We are not sure when our third reading vote will occur, but it is very important that members continue to hear from organizations. The opposition is lobbying members hard and they need to know how impactful this bill is for consumers and employees. Senators Zenzinger, Williams, Hansen, Bridges, Moreno and Todd might be useful to call if you haven’t already and please send along an email to the Senate with your support on the bill if you haven’t already.

2020 Senate & House Contact info – CLICK HERE
Find my Legislator – CLICK HERE

We now need to look towards the House. Starting with an email to all house members of your organizations support as soon as possible would be important (sample below).  It’s also important that we have a wide range of voices lobbying members.

Finally, we will be setting some meetings with members that we’d like to have coalition members participate in. Let us know if there is a day you or some of your members can come to the capitol to help with this.  If you have a lobbyist, or do lobbying on your own it’d be great to give you some assignments.
Sample Email for House Members:
Hi Representative (NAME),
Over the past couple of years Colorado Senior Lobby has worked alongside the Colorado Consumer Protection Coalition around the issue of forced arbitration and are excited to see SB20-093 moving forward out of the senate and into the house! We are in strong support of the legislation and believe that all Coloradans deserve a fair shot at justice when they are forced into arbitration. Please vote yes on SB20-093 and support access to fair and transparent arbitration.

Arbitration in the News to share:
Colorado Springs Independent
Feb 6th – “Arbitration reform bill moves forward”
“A bill reforming the arbitration process in Colorado is close to passing in the state Senate, despite opposition from homebuilders and developers …” – READ MORE

– Jillian Coffey: Advocacy Associate

SB20-129 – Protection Of Individuals Subject To A Fiduciary
CSL Member Kelsey Lesco shared that she is concerned regarding the language in SB20-129. I spoke with Kelsey Lesco (Disabilty Law Colorado) about the Fiduciary bill – SB20-129, and she had not heard back from Senator Ginal, as of Thursday afternoon, Feb 6th.  She is traveling to the Western Slope on Monday (depending upon weather) so she won’t be at our meeting on Monday.  She said the Bar is still against it.
– Jeanette Hensley

SB20-148 – Property Tax Exemption Value Adjustments
This Bill provides a windfall to people who qualify for the Senior Property Tax Exemption, and according to the bill, all the added money comes from the TABOR refund. So it hands a lot of money to people who actually vote without costing the General Fund anything and when that money is no longer available, the legislature simply reduces the percentage from 50% of the first $435k to a much smaller number.

At the same time, it’s effectively reducing the sales tax refund mechanism under TABOR, so anyone who is not a 10-year, 65+ homeowner gets less of the TABOR refund. These machinations are not easy to understand. But we all must try. Link to explanation of how TABOR refunds have worked – CLICK HERE.

As you can see, by essentially doubling the Senior Property Tax Exemption amount, it takes that same amount out of the TABOR sales tax refund. So, it’s great for the 250,000 households who get a doubling of their property tax exemption and not so great for everyone else.
The fiscal note for this bill is posted in our Member Resource Section – Link to Membership Resources and enter password – CLICK HERE

We have also posted a memo in the Member Resource Section that is a review of Tabor Refund Mechanisms – Link to Membership Resources and enter password – CLICK HERE

– Jeanette Hensely

Review of the Feb 3rd LCM Meeting

SB20-040 – Require License to Practice Genetic Counseling
Reporting on our meeting of Feb 3, 2020, we had Anna Essendrup, a certified genetic counselor with the Mayo Clinic, speak to our group regarding SB20-040 – Require License to Practice Genetic Counseling. As Anna explained, anyone can claim to be a genetic counselor toda. It requires no training and no certification. This is potentially a very dangerous situation with the proliferation of cheek swab mail in kits for gene testing and a severe lack of clear explanation of the meaning of the results. This has led some people to undergo radical, irreversible, body-altering surgeries only to learn later that the procedure was not helpful – leaving them emotionally fraught and with no recourse. By requiring a license to practice genetic counseling, people will have a qualified person to talk with about the results of genetic testing, regardless of where it was done. Additionally the bill requires ongoing education to maintain the licensure.
CSL supports this bill.  
As of week of Feb 3rd, it passed out of committee and now rests in appropriations, probably until late March.
The fiscal note for this bill is posted in our Member Resource Section – CLICK HERE
– Bob, Jeanette, Anna

Our next meeting is Monday, February 17th which is also President’s Day. We will be meeting as usual. And if you have not joined Colorado Senior Lobby yet, please do so today – Join Now – CLICK HERE

Robert Brocker
President – Colorado Senior Lobby
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