If you do not attend the CSL Legislative Committee Meetings regularly, you may not realize what they do. One part of their meeting involves previewing bills. Please see the newest draft fact sheet for the soon-to-be-introduced bill regarding Colorado Secure Savings.

The bill is very similar to what was introduced last year, except that amendments have been made at the request of the bankers association.

With this bill, the draft is advance notice for the CSL Legislative Committee Members to review the bill and then the committee may choose to sign on to the bill now, or wait until the bill is introduced to decide on whether to support it. This bill will be discussed at upcoming CSL Legislative Committee Meetings.

Here is a link to the bill fact sheet – Colorado Secure Saving Fact Sheet – CLICK HERE

More about CSL Legislative Committee Meetings
If you have never attended in person or called into a CSL Legislative Committee Meeting, please consider doing so. While the legislature is in session they meet almost every Monday from 9:30 to 11:30. The work done by these committee members is very important to the lobby and to older adults in Colorado. Here is information about their meetings – CLICK HERE