Colorado Senior Lobby provides the forum for you to shape issues affecting seniors. Become a member and share your voice and your ideas!

Never has it been more important to be involved and to let public officials know about the issues that matter to you the most. Colorado Senior Lobby provides you as a citizen, a way to be heard.

What we do …

Colorado Senior Lobby (CSL) works to encourage Colorado’s General Assembly, the U.S. Congress and state and federal administrators to enact responsible legislation and establish effective regulations and administrative guidelines that positively affect the quality of life of our older citizens.

We promote positive change on senior issues through:

  • Advocacy and Education
    CSL influences change by educating public servants on current issues, data and policy trends
  • Monitoring Legislative & Administrative Rule Development
    CSL tracks state and federal activity on senior issues and informs members and the public on legislative votes and how legislation is implemented
  • Testifying and Training
    Not only does CSL testify on behalf of seniors, but it encourages members and the public to participate in the process. CSL offers training and guidance on how to testify before legislative committee hearings, boards and commissions.
  • Setting Non-Partisan Positions
    CSL focuses on issues that promote beneficial policy changes in a strictly non-partisian manner. The group does not support any political party or candidate.
  • A Statewide Communication Network
    CSL maintains a robust statewide network between concerned citizens and their government representatives

Colorado Senior Lobby also organizes events for the community including …

  • Senior Day at the Capitol
    CSL serves as the lead host of the Senior Day at the Capitol. With our partners, this event provides an opportunity for all citizens to become involved in the legislative process, meet legislators and learn about current policy proposals.
  • Colorado Senior Lobby Legislative Briefings
    CSL conducts weekly legislative briefings during the legislative session. These meetings are open to the our members and the general public to attend in person or by phone.
  • Colorado Senior Lobby Annual Meeting
    CSL holds an annual meeting, giving members and the public a chance to network and learn about current legislation. We invite key legislators to address the group and recognize key people that have made an impact on the lives of seniors that year.

To remain an effective voice for our citizens, Colorado Senior Lobby is dependent upon public support and membership dues and donations. We urge you to officially join Colorado Senior Lobby today.