Each year Colorado Senior Lobby presents a “Serving our Seniors” award to a Colorado citizen. This year the recipient was Jill Grano from Boulder. Jill was not able to attend the 2017 Summer Social but she did come to a Colorado Senior Lobby Board meeting where she accepted her award and talked about her experience in helping mobile home owners and what it was like to testify at the Capitol.

More about what Jill Grano did in her own words …

“In early 2016, it was brought to my attention that mobile home owners can lose their homes over a small, unpaid tax. It happens like this: The tax is not paid within one year, so a lien is created. The lien is then sold to investors at auction. If the tax is not paid by the owner within one year after the lien sale, the lien-holder can file to take possession of the home.”

“Four mobile home owners lost their homes in Boulder in 2016, so I decided to step in to save what homes I could that were eligible to be taken over by investors in 2017 if taxes were not paid. When I spoke with the treasurer about the issue, I was assured that numerous notices were sent and posted on doors. The treasurer also held meetings in mobile home parks to educate owners of this threat, which I so appreciated!”

“As I began knocking on doors, hoping to understand why owners hadn’t paid taxes, I learned that the issue was more complicated than I thought. This was not simply a case of people losing homes because they have skipped out on bills, as many have characterized it. I had encountered three instances where the title was not properly transferred and the owner listed on the tax lien had moved away long ago, yet the new owner was at risk of losing her home if the bill goes unpaid.”

“I was able to get state representatives to introduce a bill to address this issue. It passed both the House and the Senate in 2017 and became law.” – Jill Adler Grano

Jill Adler Grano – jill@jillgrano.com – 303-945-0601
Member Boulder City Council 2017
Website: www.jillgrano.com