You have by now received the 2019 State Ballot Information Booklet (the “Blue Book”). It is one of the many publications that exist to inform voters of the various activities of the General Assembly. This year’s Blue Book is short in comparison to most previous years: there are two measures to be considered: CC and DD. The description of each is written very clearly in the nonpartisan style of the Legislative Council staff.

Please take the time to read them, and for further reference on CC – there are number of pieces of informational resources, including PowerPoint presentations and videos, on the CSL website. Not surprisingly, one of the key presentations is from our State Demographer, Elizabeth Garner.

We Coloradans are living longer lives, on average, as our 65+ population will reach 1.2 million people in just ten years. The implications of these facts: overall personal income per person in the state will decline; the costs of health care will increase – and the portion of that cost born by the state will increase dramatically, leaving less for other spending priorities. Aging well, versus just aging, has many factors that must play well together to make “well” a reality: transportation/mobility, health care, housing, and avoiding hunger (Tx3H is Ed Shackelford’s shorthand expression for this).

And some may think that once we Boomers are out of the way (died off), everything will be ok again. That would be very wrong. There is no “Silver Tsunami”, no boa constrictor swallowing a pig. The generations born after the Boomers are in numbers that ensure a steady flow of people into the 65+ category for many decades to come – especially here in Colorado.

As we all know, Colorado has been “discovered” by the twenty and thirty-somethings. We have more people moving into the state than we have births in the state. This net migration has been gradually growing in number since the mid-90’s. And it’s important to sustaining our economy; the young are to be embraced.

So, what we do now to serve our 65+ population must have an eye toward the future, when all these young folks get old, as they will.

While both issues – CC and DD – are important, CC is the by far the more controversial. Many organizations have announced their support, or opposition, to CC. Many individual members of Senior Lobby have weighed in on the issue, with a majority of those who replied to our survey supporting it. No official position will be taken by Colorado Senior Lobby, however, until after our next board meeting on October 15th.

So, our recommendation is that you thoroughly read over the Blue Book and also explore the Colorado Senior Lobby website. Review what we have posted on CC and DD. Also talk to your family members and friends and discuss the issues; having well-informed discussions on the issues with your family and friends is really what Colorado Senior Lobby is all about. We may not all agree but we can all learn from our discussions and the presentations we attend.

Your Friends at Colorado Senior Lobby