January 15, 2021


Today, Governor Polis provided an update on our state’s vaccine supply expected to come from the federal government.

This week, the Trump administration made false claims that the federal government was holding a stockpile of second doses of the vaccine — hundreds of thousands, that would be delivered to states.

The State was disappointed to learn that, in fact, there are no significant additional doses coming to Colorado at this time:

  • Colorado was expecting 200-250,000 doses.
  • Anticipated vaccine allocation to Colorado from the federal government remains estimated at approximately 70,000 per week through January 30.

The State will continue doing everything we can to distribute vaccines efficiently at the current pace we are receiving them — for lack of a better federal plan from the outgoing administration.


Today, Governor Polis provided an update on vaccinating our high-risk healthcare workers in Phase 1A and discussed the importance of breaking down barriers for Coloradans to access the vaccine.

The Governor was proud to announce today that the State will hit our goal of vaccinating the majority of people who qualify for Phase 1A by January 15th, with the highest risk healthcare workers receiving at least one or both doses and the majority of skilled nursing workers receiving their first dose.

In total, 242,495 vaccines have been administered and Colorado has received 300,100 first doses of the vaccine.

For frontline healthcare workers:

  • 64,500 first doses have been administered out of a total of 76,000 for 85% of the group.
  • 48,008 second doses have been administered, which is almost 74% of health care workers who have received their first dose and 63% of frontline health care workers overall.
  • The goal is to finish second doses for this group by Sunday, January 17.

The Governor thanked our front line healthcare workers who have worked day in and day out to care for COVID-19 patients. Because the State has hit our targets, the vast majority of lifesavers on the frontlines will have the protection they need to continue their commendable work until all Coloradans can be vaccinated.


The State will also continue working closely with the Federal Pharmacy Program, which has partnered with CVS and Walgreens to vaccinate staff and residents in skilled nursing facilities, long term healthcare facilities and assisted living facilities:

  • CVS and Walgreens have administered 97% of first doses (203 out of the 209 facilities across the state) to the skilled nursing facilities.
  • CVS and Walgreens expect to finish 100% of first doses for both skilled nursing facilities and Long Term Care Facilities by January 30 with second doses completed by the end of February.

To provide protection sooner, the Governor announced that the State will offer to administer doses to 30 long-term care facilities.

We are also reaching out to the facilities that chose not to schedule an appointment with CVS or Walgreens when originally contacted. The State will administer these doses if the facilities agree to a date for their residents and staff.

In addition to those who live in nursing homes and senior living, an additional 36,045 people ages 70 and up have received their first dose of the vaccine. This number is expected to rapidly increase starting next week as second doses to frontline healthcare workers and first responders near completion.

It is critical that we vaccinate Coloradans 70 and older as soon as possible to save the most lives and more quickly return to the Colorado we all know and love. The Governor asked Coloradans to be patient as we vaccinate Coloradans. Some might receive it next week and it could take multiple weeks for others, administration is committed to vaccinating 70% of 70 years and older by February 28th.


In a continued effort to make the free COVID-19 vaccine as accessible as possible, Governor Polis signed an Executive Order ensuring that the vaccine is free for Coloradans, and insurance status will not be used to deny or deprioritize any patient from getting the vaccine. The Executive Order directs the Colorado Division of Insurance to enact a rule regarding rates for COVID-19 vaccine administration.

The state wants to continue breaking down barriers to accessing the vaccine, and looks forward to fostering new relationships with community partners to guarantee that cost, transportation, and language is not a barrier to getting the vaccine.


Today, Governor Polis shed light on how Colorado businesses experiencing financial hardships due to the pandemic can receive the support they need. You can find resources for small businesses below:

Small Business Relief Program: The Colorado Department of Local Affairs is continuing to manage the Small Business Relief Program. Through this $35 million program, local
governments have been able to distribute grants to small businesses hurt by the pandemic. Small businesses that are interested but haven’t applied should reach out to their local government soon, as most applications are closing at the end of January.

Small businesses can visit cdola.colorado.gov/small-business-relief for more information on how to apply.

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP): Applications for the federal Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) reopened earlier this week. Colorado’s Office of Economic Development is working with the federal government to make sure our State’s businesses are getting access to these funds.

Dr. Kit Kieling, President & COO of Orderly Health, a provider of a data management system that helps clients improve the accuracy of their healthcare data, joined the Governor today to speak to funding received from the federal PPP program:

“Orderly Health received $130,000 in funding through the Paycheck Protection Program and with that, we took five full-time employees and expanded our company by hiring more Coloradans and creating a diverse talent pool.”

Businesses can visit oedit.colorado.gov/covid19 for more information on
how to apply.

Rural Jump Start Program: The Rural Jump-Start Program helps economically distressed communities attract new businesses and jobs. Counties, municipalities, and
higher education institutions work together to apply for this program. When a community is a designated rural jump-start zone, new businesses can receive incentive payments and tax relief including credits, exemptions, and refunds from:

  • State income tax
  • State sales and use tax
  • County and municipal personal property taxes

The Rural Jump-Start Program began in January 2016 and will accept applications through December 31, 2025.

Businesses can visit https://oedit.colorado.gov/rural-jump-start-program for more information on how to apply.

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