It has recently come to our attention that some of you have chosen not to receive our weekly email notifications for the Monday morning Legislative Committee Meetings. Perhaps this was intentional, or perhaps accidental. Also of the approximately 400 people signed up for this weekly email, only 40% open the email. Either way, these very important weekly email messages may not be getting to you.

If you are not receiving the weekly Legislative Committee Email please sign you now. You will need to re-enter your contact information and then select the options to receive both of our Newsletters. This email is sent on Sunday afternoon and announces the bills and topics for the Monday morning Legislative Committee Meeting (LCM).

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Here are the details – Every Monday morning while the Colorado legislature is in session the Colorado Senior Lobby Legislative Committee Meeting (LCM) meets from 9:30 to 11:30 to review bills. The meetings are at the Disability Law Colorado at 455 Sherman St in Denver. These meetings can be attended in person or by phone. Meeting details are on the website – CLICK HERE

CSL Members have full access to all LCM resources, non-members have less information, but not NO information.

Our General Assembly (GA) is five weeks away from adjournment; we expect a flurry of activity in that time frame (it happens every year). If you have any interest at all in what the General Assembly is doing regarding Colorado’s older adult (senior) issues, it’s important to tune in on Monday mornings and that means receive the weekly Legislative Committee Meeting email.

If you opted out of the weekly LCM notifications and would like to get them now, or if you are not sure, please use the link above to check your preferences. Click on the “Sign Up for Newsletters” link and enter your email and contact information and select the option to review both eNewsletters. We believe that the work we, collectively, do, is important. Your voice matters.

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Regards, Robert Brocker
President – Colorado Senior Lobby