“… It was a great feeling when the legislators sought CSL Capitol Gang out to get our feedback or to tell us what happened on the floor during voting on the bills we were following …” – Diane Robinson

We interviewed some of our CSL Capitol Gang members this month. Take a moment and read about their experiences at the Capitol this legislative session …

From Diane Robinson, CSL Capitol Gang Member

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Why did you become active with the CSL Capitol Gang?

I was use to volunteering when I moved to Denver. I saw an advertisement in a senior paper for Colorado Senior Lobby and called the number. I am used to helping seniors and I am not afraid of speaking in front of people.

What were you expectations? Was it what you expected?

I had no idea what to expect. There was a HUGE learning curve. I am still trying to get the hang of a few things.

Which bill was your favorite to work on and why?

Any health care bill. I worked in medicine since 1966. I have seen many things change. My greatest pleasure is to be able to explain something in medicine and see that the members of the committee understand what is being asked of them to consider. I would have to choose the House bill about stage 4 metastatic breast cancer allowing you not to go through step therapy, just to be allowed to have the medicine that is the most effective, even if it is the most expensive.
HB18-1148 – Stage Four Advanced Metastatic Cancer Step Therapy – CLICK HERE 

What can we do next year to make it better or easier for you?

It is a learn as you go process, so nothing.

If you were trying to recruit someone for the Capitol Gang, what would you tell them to convince them to join in a couple short sentences.

It is interesting to learn how our government works. Just come, sit in the committees with us. There is no pressure and we are there to help. Come and meet some wonderful people.


Diane Robinson
– Colorado Senior Lobby Member and CSL Capitol Gang Member