The December 2020 Economic & Revenue Forecast is now available. This report presents the budget outlook based on current law and December 2020 economic forecast expectations. The report includes:

  • General Fund revenue, cash fund revenue, and TABOR forecasts;
  • a school finance outlook update;
  • summaries of expectations for the U.S. and Colorado economies;
  • an overview of current economic conditions in nine regions of the state;
  • kindergarten through twelfth grade enrollment projections;
  • assessed value (the state property tax base) projections; and
  • corrections population projections.

Economic Revenue Forecast, December 2020

Forecast Presentation

Legislative Council Staff will brief the Joint Budget Committee on the forecast on December 18, 2020. Presentation slides may be accessed using the link below. Live or archived audio of the presentation can be found online.

December 2020 Forecast Presentation Slides

Inflation Indices. A document summarizing a history and forecast of national and Colorado inflation indices is available using the link below. Forecasts of other major economic indicators are available in the forecast report.

CPI-U Inflation Expectations

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