Colorado Senior Lobby Board Member Ed Shackelford and Annie Larson, Denver Regional Director, U.S. Senator Cory Gardner met in November along with Carol Saade (not pictured) and discussed the importance of maintaining Medicare Advantage (MA) plans for seniors.

On November 12, 2019, Ed Shackelford Colorado Senior Lobby Board member and Carol Saade, with Summit Information Services of Frisco met with Annie Larson, Denver Regional Director, U.S. Senator Cory Gardner.

The topic was the importance of maintaining Medicare Advantage (MA) as an option available for anyone eligible for Medicare. MA makes a fundamental change – from “fee for service” to “fee for performance”. Participants “receive their care through a health plan. In return CMS pays the insurance company an annual fee based on a person’s age and severity of the underlying medical condition.”

There is also, at the federal level, consideration of adopting a Health Insurance Tax (HIT) that could raise costs through higher out-of-pocket costs or provide fewer extra benefits for those who have chosen a Medicare Advantage plan for their health coverage. Suspending the HIT is one of the most direct ways for Congress to provide financial security to seniors and the disabled, as premiums are set for 2021 by June 2020 – and to protect the coverage that millions of Americans have chosen to pay for the doctors, prescription drug coverage, and health care services they need. We expressed appreciation for Senator Gardner’s support in delaying the adoption of this proposed tax.

Today, more than one in three Medicare beneficiaries – more than 22 million Americans are enrolled in Medicare Advantage (MA), benefiting from comprehensive care and extra benefits, often at lower and more predictable costs.

Health care companies, in partnership with the government, have developed some remarkably effective programs to support the health care needs of our nation’s citizens, particularly older Americans. The Medicare Advantage (MA) program is a textbook example.

  • An example: MA plans have created numerous solutions to slow diabetes progression.
  • Bruce D. Broussard, the president and CEO of Humana has shared his opinion on the value of the Medicare Advantage (MA): “While the U.S. health care system is far from perfect, MA offers an example of the kind of system that the national debate is all about: a system where health comes first, where we treat the whole person, and where more consumer choice creates a competitive environment in which innovation thrives and ultimately drives down the cost of care”.

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Ed Shackelford
Colorado Senior Lobby Board Member