Colorado Senior Lobby’s Legislative Committee has been busy this summer. Although only meeting twice a month, the group has invited and had presentations from a variety of groups that work with older adults. Below are highlights from some of the meetings:

Stop Fraud Colorado 
For helpful information, tips and resources on scams targeting older Coloradans – Visit

Medicare Fact Sheet
Older voters have identified Medicare as one of their top issues in the November elections, yet
too many politicians fail to recognize the contributions Medicare makes to the economy and the
health security of millions of Americans. Any candidates who fail to talk about how they would
strengthen Medicare for future generations does so at their peril
Learn More – CLICK HERE

Pharmaceutical Distribution Study
Study on “The Flow of Money Through the Pharmaceutical Distribution System” – CLICK HERE
By Neeraj Sood, PhD, Tiffany Shih, PhD, Karen Van Nuys, PhD and Dana Goldman, PhD
USC Schaeffer – Leonard D. Schaeffer Center for Health Policy & Economics

AARP Encourages Comment to the SEC about Protecting Retirement Investments
A new AARP action page offers a place to comment on a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) proposal that is intended to help protect investors from hidden fees and other unfair risks – CLICK HERE

Drug Transparency Bill Information
California – CA Senate Bill No. 17 – CLICK HERE
Politico Article on early California Bill Results – CLICK HERE
Oregon – House Bill 4005 – CLICK HERE
Information on Pharma Payments to Doctors
Information on Vermont’s prohibition on payments to physicians – CLICK HERE

The Patients for Affordable Drugs Website:

Changing the Narrative in Colorado – Janine Vandenburg
Changing the Narrative is a cutting-edge awareness and communications campaign to create a more just, inclusive and age-integrated Colorado. Integrating evidence-based communications strategies developed by the FrameWorks Institute with local training, organizing and earned and social media campaigns, Changing the Narrative seeks nothing less than changing the way people think about aging.
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