We will have a very busy Legislative Committee Meeting on Monday, January 20, 2020.

Rich and Jeanette will sort out and list the bills and advocacy topics that are being brought to the attention of Colorado Senior Lobby. Our LCM co-chairs also have advocacy topics they will be sharing. Here is a general list of what we will be reviewing and discussing. Details about some of these issues are listed further down the page.

  1. Arbitration Bill Next Steps: Committee Date, Lobby Day, News Coverage
  2. Prescription Drug Transparency
  3. Medicaid Buy In from Colorado Cross Disability Coalition
  4. Prescription Drug Affordability Board
  5. Eviction Court Record and Upcoming Hearing: Eviction Court Record Bill (HB20-1009)
  6. HB20-1101 – A Bill Concerning the referral of a prospective resident to an assisted living residence by an assisted living residence referral agency

Below is a series of emails sent to Colorado Senior Lobby by our advocacy partners. We have included resources that they provided for you to review so you are prepared for the LCM meeting.

Thank you all for your participation.

Robert Brocker
President – Colorado Senior Lobby
303 832 4535

1.Subject: Arbitration Bill Next Steps: Committee Date, Lobby Day, News Coverage
From: Jillian Coffey – jillian@siegelpa.com
Website: http://www.siegelpa.com/

Resource: SB93 Consumer and Employee Dispute Resolution Fairness Act

Hi Everyone!
This is a long email but there are lots of updates so please read all the way to the end, highlighted pieces are the key points – Thank you to all of you who came out to our press conference on Wednesday. It was a huge success and there have been a couple great stories written about our work. Help us get this out on social & share the draft Facebook posts I have pulled together below!

Our bill has been scheduled for committee on January 29th @ 1:30pm in Senate Judiciary. I have spoken to a whole bunch of you about getting testimony prepped as soon as possible but wanted to flag for anyone I hadn’t had the opportunity to talk to yet. We are hopping to stack the committee with as many coalition members, workers and consumers as possible so expect me to be reaching out and working to confirm you all for committee

We will be hosting a mini lobby day Tuesday January 21st in the morning to pull senators off the floor and secure the final couple of votes needed. Please let me know if you are able to attend.

Finally, we are working on circulating the attached fact sheet to legislators and want to make sure everyone is okay with being listed as a supporting organization please reach out with any questions about the fact sheet or the listed organizations. The bolded names I have already confirmed & are signed on!

 Sample Social Posts:

  • Big news in Colorado this week! We are helping to level the playing field for consumers and employees by supporting SB93! Harmful contract and arbitration clauses block too many Coloradans from a fair shot at justice!
  • We are happy to be a member of the Colorado Consumer Protection Coalition who has been working hard to help protect Colorado consumers like Laura Dewey from harmful arbitration clauses in contracts. Urge the CO Senate to vote YES on SB93!
  • Urge your senators to support Senate Bill 93, the Consumer and Dispute Resolution Fairness Act! Coloradans deserve a fair shake when handling disputes.

Links to include w/ above post:

Thank you all – see you soon!

2. Subject: Prescription Drug Transparency
From: Andrea Stojsavljevic – Policy Manager
Website: https://healthiercolorado.org/

Resource: colo prescription drug price transparency 20-0010_01

Resource: Rx Resolution Colorado_CCHI-1

Resource: Marylands path prescription drug affordability 2019

Hey Everyone,
Wanted to provide some info that the House Comms staff is putting on a press conference for the introduction of the Prescription Drug Transparency bill Tuesday, January 21st at 1pm in the West Foyer at the Capitol. They wanted to extend the invite to all the folks in the prescription drug workgroup (and beyond) to stand behind the podium and attend.

I’ll be sending out a calendar invite to you all shortly, but just wanted to make you all aware that the bill will drop Tuesday and of this press conference. Feel free to circulate the invite to any other consumer orgs you think might be interested in attending.

Thanks in advance and hope you all have a great weekend!
Best, Andrea

3. Subject: Medicaid Buy In from Colorado Cross Disability Coalition
From: Julie Reiskin  – jreiskin@ccdconline.org
Website: http://www.ccdconline.org/

Resource: medicaid buy in overview

Resource: Traditional Medicaid vs Buy-in

Dear Friends,
I hope you are enjoying this holiday time and getting ready for a great 2020 Session.   I am writing today to ask for sign-on support for a bill I think we all agree is needed.  This bill is a bill that would allow people with disabilities that have used the Medicaid Buy-In for Working Adults with Disabilities to continue to be allowed to use the program over age 65.  The current program (due to how it is authorized federally) ends at age 65 forcing someone to have to impoverish themself if Medicaid is still needed.   The assumption is that at 65 people can get Medicare.  As you probably know, Medicare does not work for people with complex medical issues, those that use complex rehab equipment, or those that need home and community-based services.

Therefore we are asking that the state use state-only funds to allow continuation in the program for people with these needs, who have consistently been in the Buy-In for at least three years, as long as they can work.  A fact sheet is attached.  Given that retirement is not until 67 and Social Security prefers people to work until 70 to get a full benefit AND that most people today work into their mid-late 70’s or beyond, it is wrong to force disabled people to stop work at age 65 just to be able to still get out of bed and be mobile in the community.

Moreover, forcing people into poverty is the exact opposite of appropriate retirement planning. You can use this link to sign on..please share with others.  We are working on a federal fix but cannot wait for that–we need this fixed in Colorado now.

We are still working on the final draft so I will share that when it is available.  Sponsors are Tate and Lontine and we will start in the Senate.   The concept shows it all.  If you have questions please ask and if you want someone who is directly affected to speak to your group or board we can arrange that as well.

4. Subject: Prescription Drug Affordability Board
From: Emma Sargent – Policy Fellow – Colorado Consumer Health Initiative (CCHI)
Website: https://cohealthinitiative.org/

Resource: PDAB Fact Sheet Draft CNW-1

  • Vinny and Catherine, who worked to pass the Prescription Drug Affordability Board in Maryland, shared information about the board and their campaign strategy with us
  • The board: a five-member board, supported by a stakeholder council and staff, with the ability to analyze drug pricing data to identify particularly costly drugs and propose a plan, which could include setting an upper payment limit, to reduce the affordability challenges caused by those drugs.
  • We want to pass a similar Prescription Drug Affordability Board bill this session as part of a package of bills to try to lower the cost of prescription drugs. We hope you will join us!

Our plan moving forward is to build our extended coalition to work on this issue, and we would love your support! The next step is to start an email list serve to communicate strategy updates, so expect an email soon. If you are no longer interested, please email me directly to let me know. We would love your engagement with communication and strategy in any way that you can! Thank you to everyone who has already signed the resolution to support the prescription drug work; if you haven’t yet, it’s attached and we would love to have you fill it out. Let me know what capacity you may have to work with us!  I’m looking forward to getting some work done on drug costs this session! In the meantime, please reach out if you have any questions or want to get more involved. Thanks!

5. Subject: Eviction Court Record and Upcoming Hearing: Eviction Court Record Bill (HB20-1009) 
From: Jack Regenbogen – jregenbogen@cclponline.org – Colorado Center on Law and Policy (CCLP)
Website: https://cclponline.org/

Resource: HB20-1009 eviction court record fact sheet 1.6

Good afternoon,
Thank you again for your support of HB20-1009, which would address a barrier to housing by limiting access to eviction court records when the eviction is dismissed (fact sheet attached). For those of you who have offered to testify in support of this legislation, I wanted to let you know that we expect this bill to be considered by the House Judiciary Committee on 1/23 (probably) at 1:30.

I plan to reach out again to confirm this time once the schedule online has been updated, but I wanted to pass on this information now in case you might want to hold that time on your calendar. If you are interested in testifying, and haven’t reached out already, please let me know. Also please feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

Gratefully – Jack

6. Subject: HB20-1101 – A Bill Concerning the referral of a prospective resident to an assisted living residence by an assisted living residence referral agency

Resource: HB20-1101