CSL Board members Kelley Horton (seated) and Ed Shackelford (in the middle), met with Anschutz students Diana Ir (L) and Lindsey Eierman (R) at the Capitol in April.

Jerry Johnson, Anschutz Lobbyist, invited The Colorado Senior Lobby (CSL) to meet with Colorado University students to discuss HB18-1091 (Dementia Diseases and Related Disabilities).

This was a special opportunity to discuss “How an Idea Becomes Law” with the next generation of leaders in Health Care Administration.

On April 26, 2018 CSL Board members Kelley Horton (whose concept was the basis for this law) and Ed Shackelford along with Jerry Johnson met with students at the Capitol. Additionally, the students were also able to meet briefly with Representatives Beckman and Ginal, primary house sponsors of the bill.

It is encouraging that the curriculum of future health care leaders includes “how legislation happens”. They are in a profession where much of the funding comes from both local and federal legislation. It is also a profession that is impacted by many rules and regulations and government oversite.

Anschutz students Diana Ir and Lindsey Eierman (center) were also able to meet briefly with Representatives Ginal and Rankin.

Diana Ir and Lindsey Eierman are Colorado School of Public Health Students. Lindsey is in the Epidemiology concentration, while Diana is in a duo concentration in Biostatistics and Epidemiology.  The class they both are taking is called the Introduction to Health and Systems Management Policy led by their wonderful Professor Dr. Elaine Morrato.

Since they are in the Public Health Program, the classes they take all emphasize teamwork, and most classes require them to work in groups.  This is one of their group projects.  They have 4 more in their group who could not attend the meeting at the Capitol on April 26.

Their instructor encourages them to interact with legislative sponsors of HB18-1091 and/or the people who are involved so that they get exposure of how policy is made – it is a learning experience for them as future Public Health Professionals.  Besides their oral presentation on May 14, 2018, they also must write a policy advocacy brief.




CSL Board Member Kelley Horton (seated), Representative Beckman and Anschutz student Diane Ir were able to meet that day.