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An email just hit my desk this morning and I want to make you aware of it so you can make a decision on whether to contact legislators today (the bill will be voted on tomorrow). This is not a bill that CSL has been aware of until very recently and so it has not gone through our CSL voting process. As such, CSL has no official position on it. However, I do want to make you aware of it and if you are interested in weighing in personally, to address one or more of the legislators listed below before they vote Saturday morning, June 6, 2020.

HB20-1405 – Funding for Eviction Legal Defense Fund

View HB20-1405 Fact Sheet – CLICK HERE

Regards, Bob Brocker
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Email received from Colorado Center on Law and Policy today

I am reaching out to ask for your support of the recently introduced bill, HB20-1405, sponsored by Rep. Steven Woodrow. This bill would establish a permanent and sustainable funding source for Colorado’s Eviction Legal Defense Fund (which was created last year through SB19-180).

This program provides assistance to tenants who are facing an eviction and will help bolster housing security as Colorado recovers from the financial crisis. Although the proposed budget includes $600,000 in general funds for the program, there is no guarantee that these funds would be available next year. Therefore, this bill would fund the program long-term through a $30 increase on the eviction filing fee (from $85 to $115), which landlords pay when they file an eviction. We are also seeking an amendment that would prevent this fee from being passed onto the tenant.

I have attached a fact sheet with more information. Unfortunately, there is an very quick turnaround time for voicing support, as the bill is scheduled for a hearing in the House Finance Committee tomorrow. I regret that this email is coming on such short notice – things are moving quickly during the abridged remainder of session!

If you are willing to lend support (but wish to avoid physically appearing at the Capitol), you may either submit written testimony through this website and/or email a letter of support to House Finance Committee members directly. (The online portal hasn’t always worked well, so a direct email might work best).

It would be very valuable for these members to hear from you as to why you support funding this program! Here are the email addresses for these members:

Rep. Leslie Herod: leslie.herod.house@state.co.us
Rep. Rod Bockenfeld: rod.bockenfeld.house@state.co.us
Rep. Tracy Kraft-Tharp: reptracy29@gmail.com
Rep. Marc Snyder: marc.snyder.house@state.co.us
Rep. Shannon Bird: Shannon.bird.house@state.co.us
Rep. Shane Sandridge: shane.sandridge.house@state.co.us
Rep. Richard Champion: richard.champion.house@state.co.us
Rep. Janice Rich: janice.rich.house@state.co.us
Rep. Tom Sullivan: tom.sullivan.house@state.co.us
Rep. Adrienne Benavidez: adrienne.benavidez.house@state.co.us
Rep. Matt Gray: matt@matthewgray.us

Please feel free to reach out with any questions. I appreciate your time and consideration!

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