Have you ever thought about how laws are really made; how positions on public policy are refined? Attend Colorado Senior Lobby’s Citizen Lobbying Training on October 22, 2018 – LEARN MORE

Most people think that the only way to be politically engaged is to vote or run for office. These are important, but if want to really be in a position to inform and educate your legislators, and to advocate for issues important to you: we will show you the way.

As an individual citizen, your elected officials depend on you to provide input, to inform and educate them on issues of importance to you. Every legislator wants to do a good job, and to do good. If you ask them, they will all tell you they want your help—and maybe you did not vote for that particular official—it does not matter. We’ll show you how to help them most effectively.

Training Covers …

  • Review the Colorado General Assembly
  • General Assembly Committee Structure
  • Legislative Legal Services—and what they do
  • How a Bill becomes Law
  • How to effectively communicate with legislators and staff
  • Procedures for testifying at committee hearings (Hint—show up)
  • Guidelines for Citizen Lobbyists
  • The CSL Capitol Gang –a gang for good
  • Lobbyists and what they actually do
  • Individual Citizen Lobbyist Advocacy
  • CSL Legislative Committee Meetings—what happens there

Questions? Call CSL at 720-353-3775

Register Online: https://tinyurl.com/training10-22-18