After many years of the same basic format for Senior Day at the Capitol, typically in the same time frame of mid-March; your CSL Board of Directors decided it was time to do “something completely different”.

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  • Highlights from Lt. Governor Diane Primavera’s Speech at A Capitol Affair – CLICK HERE

Capitol Affair Attendees taking a tour of the Capitol and lobbying

So, we moved it up in time to late January, when the legislature is less busy; we created a more advocacy-oriented format, charged admission to help defray the costs, held the event in the Capitol basement in one of the larger committee rooms – and it worked! Over 100 people attended.

One segment focused on what CSL is working on in the 2020 session; another focused on the process of how laws are actually made – with an excellent panel of three long-time legislative staff members. Governor Polis and Lt. Governor Primavera both spoke about the work being done by the legislature-created Strategic Action Planning Group on Aging; framing SAPGA’s recommendations as action plans for the Administration – more on that in Part Two. Later, Coral Cosway of the Alzheimer’s Association spoke about how best to approach legislators with issues and concerns. (Coral worked as a legislative aide in United States Congress early in her career.) Then, for the many attendees with interest, Kelly Roberts and the planning team split people into groups with volunteer leaders to prepare for the afternoon.

This was all great groundwork for the afternoon of visiting legislators, attending committee hearings, and just generally getting a feel for the Capitol building and the pace of activity inside it. From January until May, it’s often a beehive of activity – filled with legislators, citizens of every age, lobbyists, and staff. Our Capitol Gang is typically in the basement cafeteria area or somewhere inside the Capitol on Tuesday afternoons, all day Wednesday, and on the Thursday afternoons – stop by and say hello, jump in.

Remember, we encourage anyone with an interest in what CSL does to join us – all you need is an interest. We’ll help you get acclimated, “getting your sea legs”. It takes no particular life or work experience – (that’s how I got in).

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