Need another good reason to attend? This event offers an in depth tour of the Capitol. If you have not been in the Capitol recently, take advantage of this event.

A Capitol Affair on January 27, 2020 will focus on the importance of citizen advocacy and opportunities to put that into practice. After the morning program and a lunch break, participants will spread out through the Capitol to meet with legislators and their staff and sit in on legislative hearings. Our goal is to make the point that Colorado Senior Lobby and its citizen advocates will be paying attention to legislative activity affecting older adults during the 2020 session.

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We are asking people who register for the event to let us know if they want to participate in the afternoon activities and to share their addresses so we can identify the legislators in their districts. Once we have compiled a list of participants’ districts and legislators, we will attempt to pre-arrange meetings with those legislators the afternoon of A Capitol Affair.

Before the event, CSL volunteers will organize registered participants into small groups. Each group will be assigned an experienced advocate and each group will have someone who is a constituent of the legislator being visited.

No experience is required to be an advocate at A Capitol Affair. We will share information on how to talk to legislators and provide tips on how to be an effective advocate during the morning program.

The more people who sign up for the afternoon activities, the more legislators we can impress early in the 2020 General Assembly. Please join us.

January 27, 2020 – Monday
A Capitol Affair – Spend the day learning about aging issues and citizen advocacy
Location: Colorado State Capitol Hearing Room 0112 – Lower Level

Address: 200 E. Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO 80203
This event will focus on legislative initiatives affecting older adults in the 2020 General Assembly and the importance of citizen involvement with legislative matters. The day starts with continental breakfast with Legislators in the Capitol from 8AM to 9AM. Your $25 registration fee includes breakfast. From 9AM to 11:30AM we will be in the Capitol and the program will feature presentations by legislators, Governor is invited and advocacy specialists. You will learn about 2020 legislative initiatives, opportunities for citizen involvement, tips and tricks for advocating, and facilitated conversations. Seating is limited – purchase your ticket today. Your ticket supports Colorado Senior Lobby outreach! The afternoon session is from 12:15 to 3PM and includes activities with legislators, visiting legislative hearings, and tours of the Capitol.
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