We hope that all of you are watching and reading multiple news sources. Aside from keeping us informed, these ‘news sources’ need our support so where possible please have a paid subscription. Below are some article that may be of interest to you:

Leading up to our Death & Taxes event on August 12th – this article caught our eye:
“Larimer County assessments lead to record protests, resignation of deputy assessor” – CLICK HERE
Source: Loveland Reporter-Herald, July 2019

“State demographer calls for creativity in housing seniors and low and moderate earners” – CLICK HERE
Source: Denverite, July 2019

“Colorado needs affordable housing. The state owns land. Can this combination work?” – CLICK HERE
Source: Colorado Sun, July 2019

“Impending roll-out of new legislation could change landscape for renters” – CLICK HERE
Source: Colorado Springs Independent, June 2019

“Good riddance to patronage jobs” – CLICK HERE
Source: The Daily Sentinel Grand Junction, July 2019

At Death & Taxes Event you will hear a lot about school funding – this article gives us a peek at what school districts are facing – Buy your tickets for Death & Taxes – CLICK HERE
“Taking a hit: Colorado school districts grapple with insuring against hail” – CLICK HERE

Source: Chalkbeat, July 2019

“Online Sentinel poll reveals 63% thrilled with BLM move” – CLICK HERE
Source: The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, July 2019

“Peak Health Alliance is up and running in Summit County. It will start offering plans in January 2020” – CLICK HERE
Source: Summit Daily serving Summit County, July 2019

This is an interesting article what with the state general fund being boosted by $30 million in 2019 from the unclaimed property trust fund.
“State auditor: Treasurer’s office failing to reunite Coloradans with lost property” – CLICK HERE

Source: Colorado Politics, July 2019

“90 YEARS OF ‘WOW!’: The Royal Gorge Bridge and its fame” – CLICK HERE
Source: The Pueblo Chieftain, July 2019

How did they do it? The town has a secret weapon that no other community in the state posseses: a pest control district focused on horticulture.
“How a small Colorado town fought the Japanese beetle and won” – CLICK HERE
Source: Colorado Sun, July 2019

“90 YEARS OF ‘WOW!’: The Royal Gorge Bridge and its fame” – CLICK HERE
Source: The Pueblo Chieftain, July 2019