The Colorado State Demography office maintains a web page with aging related data to assist state agencies in planning located. They have recently added an interactive map of the Colorado population by age group by year for 1990-2050. A user can select a combination of age groups and time frame and display county total population, total change in the population, or percent change in the population for the specified age group – CLICK HERE
Note that the web page data is large and will take some time to download to your browser.

Aging in Colorado Presentation

The Colorado State Demography office has also prepared a presentation called “Aging in Colorado – Population and Economic Transitions for Colorado 2018”. The presentation provides this summary of aging trends in Colorado:
  • Numbers issue because since 1970s Colorado has had a large working age pop. compared to total pop.
  • Historically – few people over 65 compared to the rest of its population. Now increasing with aging of the “Boomers” but still younger than US average
  • Largest changes expected in Front Range and Western Slope but will have statewide impact due to numbers
  • Implications for Economy, Labor Force, Housing, Transportation, Healthcare, Public Finance …
  • Forecasting Net Migration of 65+ to Colorado to remain close to zero but that could change
  • Slowing population growth due to both aging and slowing fertility.
View Presentation “Aging in Colorado” – CLICK HERE
View other resources prepared for Colorado Area Agencies on Aging – CLICK HERE
Source: State Demography Office – Colorado Department of Local Affairs

The presentation and related maps were prepared by State Demography Office – Colorado Department of Local Affairs