A Tribute to Colorado Senior Lobby will be read into the House Record

In the upcoming March 18, 2021 Colorado House of Representatives assembly between 9:00AM and 10:00AM – a Tribute to Colorado Senior Lobby will be read into the House record.

This is a tribute to each and every person who has ever been engaged with CSL and to every older Coloradan. Please listen in, or attend in person if you feel comfortable doing that. To listen in or watch remotely: go to this webpage:

Watch & Listen I Colorado General Assembly
March 18, 2021 – Between 9:00AM and 10:00AM


Just to give you an idea of how things like this move in the General Assembly, this tribute was initiated last summer with an idea from Jarett Hughes. Jarett was at that time a new board member of CSL (he has since moved into the Senior Policy Advisor on Aging in the Governor’s office). Jarett suggested a joint resolution of both chambers that would, among other things, make a declaration for Older Coloradans Week. Through subsequent discussions with Leadership, it was suggested by House Speaker Garnett that a different course be taken – in the form of a Tribute to CSL. We then pursued that idea, submitted our thoughts, and here we are – about nine months later.

In the meantime, CSL, along with several other groups, decided to stage the first ever Older Coloradans Week, which was very successfully accomplished the week of February 8, 2021 with a team of volunteers – and of course via Zoom.

Also on Thursday, March 18, 2021 the document, “Value and Contribution of Older Coloradans” prepared by our all-volunteer “Values” team of Sandy Thomas, Lindsay Parsons, Kelly Roberts, and Jodi Waterhouse will be distributed in both chambers.

Value and Contribution of Older Coloradans Flyer – csl_value_of_older_coloradans_nov2020

We suggest that you do some follow up with your respective senator and representative afterwards, pointing out areas that you feel are particularly important. Think of it as conversation starter with anyone, really.

This is big moment for CSL and all older Coloradans. Help celebrate it!

Robert Brocker
President – Colorado Senior Lobby
303 832 4535
303 862 8711