The Colorado Senior Lobby Legislative Committee has been working on 2020 Legislative Planning. The CSL Legislative Committee has met monthly since the 2019 session was over and starting in September they will meet every other week. The goal is to review upcoming 2020 proposed legislation and issues between now and the end of the year and be prepared for the 2020 Legislative Session. Note that the process of reviewing Colorado legislation is an extremely important part of the lobby’s work, if not the most important work we take on. From January through May we meet weekly on Mondays reviewing legislation and hearing from advocacy groups, non-profits and for-profit entities that are impacted by proposed legislation. In the end, the knowledge the CSL Legislative Committee gains from these meetings and the research we do on legislation, all contribute to the work that the CSL Capitol Gang does at The Capitol lobbying on issues that impact older adults in Colorado.

Here are some details on what has been reviewed and discussed at the Monday, July 29th CSL Legislative Committee meeting:

  • We have created an updated CSL 2020 Planning document – CLICK HERE
    This document tracks which members are working on what legislation and issues
  • We spent time reviewing how a bill moves from an Idea to a Bill to being a Law and that law’s Rules – CLICK HERE
  • We spent time reviewing the Property Tax/Rent/Heat Rebate Program (PTC) implementation – CLICK HERE
  • We reviewed the steps in researching a bill and its rules – CLICK HERE
  • We shared the CSL Legislative Committee Follow-up and Implementation Document for signed bills – CLICK HERE

After attending various advocacy coalition meetings, it’s clear to me – regarding proposing new legislation, that we as CSL can be a supporting player for many activities, and need to pick our other projects where we take the lead – very carefully, and with true senior focus. With few exceptions, all the other advocacy groups we interact with are manned by people who have real jobs, and for many, advocacy is their job.

Very few organizations operate as we do, exclusively with volunteers. There is only one other advocacy organization – AARP focused on the issues of older adults; and CSL is the ONLY one focused on these issues exclusively for Colorado. What you are doing is important; never doubt it.

We have limited resources, although they are gradually growing (thank you), and so we must be selective about which projects we choose to do a deep dive into and spend a lot of time on. We really need to nurture the various coalitions we connect to so that we are a part of them, but not typically the driving force.

For those projects we do not lead (which is most projects), our presence continues to be key. We provide the reminder to all the decision makers of the need to include the issues of our older population and to articulate that point of view.

For those of you attending the Monday morning Legislative Committee Meetings, we thank you for your involvement and continued participation. Colorado Senior Lobby is not a huge organization, but we represent the interests of hundreds of thousands of Coloradans. For those of you not attending, but we have peaked your interest in CSL Legislative Committee Meetings – use this link to learn more – CLICK HERE and then call or email me with any questions.

Cheers, Bob
President – Colorado Senior Lobby
303 832-4535
303 862-8711