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March 2020

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I wish I could say that Colorado Senior Lobby is busy working on legislation but we are not. We are re-grouping and just as about the time we are ready to say, “This is what we are doing and what we are seeing …,” then the current COVID-19 situation in Colorado, the United States and the Colorado Legislature continues to change.

So as of Sunday, March 22, 2020 here is what we “think” we know …

  • Last Friday, March 13, 2020 the Colorado Legislature, pursuant to HJR20-1007, the second regular session of the 72nd General Assembly was temporarily adjourned until 10:00AM., Monday, March 30, 2020.
  • This was a HUGE decision and the best decision in a nearly impossible situation. However, the implications of this decision are not fully understood yet. CPR News has an excellent article that explains the dynamics of pausing and/or closing a Colorado legislative session, entitled “Legislature moves Closer to Suspending Session,” Bente Birkeland – March 12, 2020 – CLICK HERE
  • Colorado General Assembly – At the Half — Well, here we are at the halfway (and now actually half time) mark for another Colorado General Assembly session. It started on January 8th and ends May 6th – Or not (more on that as things develop – see the bullet above) – CLICK HERE
  • By Colorado State Law, the legislative session must take place for 120 days, but Colorado lawmakers have asked the Colorado Supreme Court to weigh in on this issue and whether those 120 days must be consecutive? The Supreme Court has agreed to take on the case and filings are due March 24, 2020.
  • House Joint Resolution 20-1006 – Mike Weissman, State Representative – Colorado House District 36 has shared with Colorado Senior Lobby the joint resolution propounding the interrogatory and the Court’s order accepting it. Read the “Order of the Court Interrogatory Briefing Instructions” – CLICK HERE and the House Joint Resolution 20-1006 – CLICK HERE
  • Colorado Senior Lobby is receiving from the Governor’s office an official COVID-19 update called “Governor’s Community Engagement Update March 19th.” As an organization with a presence in the Capitol we are regularly receiving these emails and we will in turn post them and share them with our members and the community at large. Here is a link to the March 19th update – CLICK HERE

So, what is next? Honestly, we are not sure. But what we can say with the utmost certainty is that the money any of us saw for special bills and programs, is most certainly gone.

We will be involved with some very difficult legislative decisions once we are on the other side of this health crisis. With the above being said, we will now focus on what we can deal with, from being COVID-Careful to embracing the Internet even more as a tool of communication.

Below this article you will find links to articles mostly about COVID-19, including a Check scam alert. We will continue to share what the Governor’s office and other legislative and government groups are sending us.

Be safe, stay well and let’s work together! We will get through this.

Regards, Bob Brocker
President – Colorado Senior Lobby
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About the Legislative Planning Committee during COVID-19

As many of you know, we did not have a Legislative Planning Committee Meeting this week as we accessed the impact of the Colorado Legislature closing for two weeks. We have decided to not have a meeting on Monday, March 23rd. We will be sending out an announcement on what happens with the March 24, 2020 Supreme Court ruling on the 120 day consecutive issue for the Colorado legislature.

Governor’s Community Engagement Update March 19th

As an organization with ties to the Colorado Legislature and the Colorado Governor’s office we receive updates. Below is the Governor’s Community Engagement Update on COVID-19. As we are able we will be posting and sharing these updates with our members and the community – The Colorado Senior Lobby Board – READ MORE

Colorado General Assembly – At the Half

Well, here we are at the halfway (and now actually half time) mark for another Colorado General Assembly session – it started on January 8th and ends May 6th – Or not. Backing up a little to January at the General Assembly: not a lot typically happens in January as the GA gets into gear; February sees an uptick in activity and occasional bursts of high energy in the air under the dome. This year’s bigger bursts were around the repeal of the death penalty and vaccinations – READ MORE

Scam Alert – Spread the Word

You may have heard news about the government considering sending every U.S. resident a check. This is not happening yet and if anyone calls you requesting your bank information to get your check it is a SCAM! Read more below from a Denver Post article posted March 19, 2020 – READ MORE

COVID-19 may change how we work – Permanently

Colorado Senior Lobby found this article in the Wall Street Journal entitled, “Coronavirus Will Permanently Change How We Work, ” written by Matt Burr and Becca Endicott and posted March 16, 2020 – READ MORE


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