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January 2020

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A Capitol Affair is on Jan 27th

Need another good reason to attend? This event offers an in depth tour of the Capitol. If you have not been in the Capitol recently, take advantage of this event.

A Capitol Affair on January 27, 2020 will focus on the importance of citizen advocacy and opportunities to put that into practice. After the morning program and a lunch break, participants will spread out through the Capitol to meet with legislators and their staff and sit in on legislative hearings. Our goal is to make the point that Colorado Senior Lobby and its citizen advocates will be paying attention to legislative activity affecting older adults during the 2020 session … READ MORE

What has CSL done for older Coloradans?

What has CSL done for older Coloradans – besides reminding our legislators, when they are deep into creating new laws that impact so many Coloradans, that the interests of our older population must be specifically included? And why should you care?

Did you know that many of our members are very active in developing and promoting fixes for some of our state’s most difficult issues, working closely with our legislators, while others quietly support that work with their annual membership dues? Please read on, and provide your voice, participation, and/or quiet support … READ MORE

Ever Increasing Property Taxes – One Solution

Colorado Senior Lobby receives many emails with requests for information on issues and one of the most common inquiries is how to deal with accelerating property values and rising property taxes. This is a problem that is not going to go away. People inquiring want to know if anything can be done from the legislative side and the answer to that is probably not. Increasing the homestead exemption for any area in Colorado is highly unlikely to ever happen. Our homestead exemption is already one of the most generous in the entire country. The competition for uses of the State’s General Fund is just too intense for this to happen … READ MORE

Supporting the Geriatric Track for NP’s and LPN’s

We at CSL are excited about the work that started this summer around the idea of encouraging more future health service professionals to take up a geriatric track while in school. A bill is being drafted and will soon be working its way through the legislative process that deals with this subject. Senator Jessie Danielson (D-District 20) is the sponsor and CSL is the lead advocacy group for this particular bill … READ MORE

CSL Events – Sign up today!

January 27, 2020 – Monday
A Capitol Affair – Spend the day learning about aging issues and citizen advocacy
Location: Colorado State Capitol Hearing Room 0112 – Lower Level

Address: 200 E. Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO 80203
This event will focus on legislative initiatives affecting older adults in the 2020 General Assembly and the importance of citizen involvement with legislative matters. The day starts with continental breakfast with Legislators in the Capitol from 8AM to 9AM. Your $25 registration fee includes breakfast. From 9AM to 11:30AM we will be in the Capitol and the program will feature presentations by legislators, Governor is invited and advocacy specialists. You will learn about 2020 legislative initiatives, opportunities for citizen involvement, tips and tricks for advocating, and facilitated conversations. Seating is limited – purchase your ticket today. Your ticket supports Colorado Senior Lobby outreach! The afternoon session is from 12:15 to 3PM and includes activities with legislators, visiting legislative to hearings, and tours of the Capitol.
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Upcoming January 2020 Events

January 2020 – Message from The Denver Regional Council of Governments
Submit your Nominations for the 2020 Metro Vision and John V. Christensen Awards – LEARN MORE

January 6, 13, 20, & 27 – CSL Legislative Committee Meetings (LCM)
January 8 – First Day Colorado General Assembly
January 11-26 – National Western Stock Show
January 15 – Aging Caucus Lunch & Learn at the Capitol
January 26 – One Day University-Hamilton vs Jefferson: The Rivalry that Shaped America
January 27 – A Capitol Affair-Learn about aging issues and citizen advocacy
January 31 – Aging Summit Aurora Center for Active Adults

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Volunteer with CSL

We are reaching out to see if you want to volunteer to help grow Colorado Senior Lobby. There are many ways you can help from event planning to fundraising, membership drives, media promotion and more. Send us an email and tell us about your interests, skills and talents – CLICK HERE

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Nearly 25% of the People of Colorado are over the age of 60 – together we can become a BOOMING voice. CSL – with you on board works to improve the health and well-being of Colorado’s older adults. By being a member, you are helping fulfill that mission. Become a participant in the policies impacting your life. Cost to join for 2019 is $30 per Individual and $40 for a Family Membership.

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“You have one of the most tremendous resources before you today which is an organization tuned into your issues that will actually take the time to train you how to be a citizen lobbyist. I really encourage you to take advantage of it …”

Rachel Zenzinger, Senate District 19

Colorado Senior Lobby Summer Social 2017