Citizen Lobbyist Resources

The following is a list of resources for Citizen Lobbyists.

PowerPoint Presentations saved as PDF Files

PowerPoint from Colorado Senior Lobby Citizen Lobbying Training
“Legislative Training with Jeanette Hensley & Rich Mauro”
– November 2017 – CLICK HERE

PowerPoint from Colorado Senior Lobby Citizen Lobbying Training
“Let us look at an actual Bill and the Colorado General Assembly Website”
November 2017 – CLICK HERE
Note that this file is 2.75MB – allow time to download or view

PowerPoint on Colorado Long Bill
“Colorado Long Bill – An exercise on Following the Bouncing Ball”
– March 2017 – CLICK HERE

Citizen Lobbyist Event Handout from Nov 15, 2017 – CLICK HERE

Colorado Senior Lobby Volunteer Information Form – CLICK HERE

Glossary of Terms

Appendix V – Terms, Acronyms and Abbreviations from Colorado Medical Assistance Program – CLICK HERE

Glossary of Acronyms from HCPF – CLICK HERE
HCPF – (Colorado Department of) Health Care Policy and Financing

Glossary of Budget Terms – CLICK HERE

Glossary of Legislative Terms – CLICK HERE

Glossary of LTSS Terms – CLICK HERE
LTSS – Long Term Services and Support

HCBS Resources

Colorado Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Waivers – Adult Waivers – CLICK HERE
HCBS – Home Community Based Services

Choosing an HCBS Waiver for Adults – CLICK HERE
HCBS – Home Community Based Services

Single Entry Point (SEP) – August 2016 – CLICK HERE
SEP – Single Point Entry

Additional Resources

Colorado State Budget Process Overview – CLICK HERE

Demographic Statistics Older Adults Aging in Colorado – CLICK HERE

Motions that Bring a Question Before the Assembly Again – CLICK HERE

History of the Senior Property Tax Exemption – CLICK HERE

More Educational Resources from Colorado Senior Lobby

How a Minority can and does Control Legislation – CLICK HERE

Tips for Lobbying your Colorado Legislator – CLICK HERE
By Former Representative Dianne Primavera

Tips on Testifying – CLICK HERE
By Ed Shackelford, President of Colorado Senior Lobby

Jill Grano – Boulder
In the video below, Jill Grano talks about her experience in helping mobile home owners and what it was like to testify at the Capitol.

“You have one of the most tremendous resources before you today which is an organization tuned into your issues that will actually take the time to train you how to be a citizen lobbyist. I really encourage you to take advantage of it …”
Rachel Zenzinger, Senate District 19

Colorado Senior Lobby Summer Social 2017