Legislative Committee Meetings

Legislative Committee Meetings

The Colorado Senior Lobby Legislative Committee normally meets weekly while the Colorado Legislature is in session and then twice a month during the summer and fall.

Overview of the Colorado Senior Lobby Legislative Committee Meetings
While the legislature is in session, Colorado Senior Lobby (CSL) holds weekly meetings to review legislation looking for those bills that impact seniors. From these bills, the group selects those that have the greatest potential impact on seniors for weekly discussion. The result is that the Colorado Senior Lobby members will either support or oppose proposed legislation depending on its impact on seniors. Anyone is welcome to attend, but only members can vote on supporting or opposing proposed legislation. If there is uncertainty about legislation, then the group will monitor the proposed legislation. As the bill proceeds through the process it is frequently amended. This may result in the Senior Lobby changing its position in regard to the bill.

2020 Legislative Committee Meeting Monday Schedule as of 10-18-2020

The LCM will be meeting every other week on a Monday from 9:30AM to 11:30AM for the rest of 2020. Save these dates:

  • October 19th
  • November 2nd, 16th and 30th
  • December schedule to be announced later

This Month’s Meeting:

October 19, 2020 – Monday, 9:30AM – 11:30AM
Legislative Committee Meeting
Our regular LCM will be held on Monday, October 19th from 9:30AM to 11:30AM. Please plan to attend via Zoom – see details below. We will discuss the status of our several legislative planning teams, get your feedback on the recent five-part webinar series, and other matters to be determined. For those of you serving on any of those teams, please be prepared to discuss progress and plans

Planning Team Document – 2022 Planning Group Teams 7.0 100920.pdf

This is our opportunity to see where we are and to reassess if these are the right projects for us to tackle; that we have the resources to be successful, etc. We also need to confirm who is doing what – in other words, engaged in the work, or dropping off. There will be no LCM on Monday, October 26th and in November we will meeting on the 2nd, 16th and 30th (all Mondays). December schedule to be announced later.

Thanks, Bob Brocker
President – Colorado Senior Lobby

Zoom Details

Instructions if you are new to Zoom – CLICK HERE

You can attend in person or call into a meeting using our Zoom account. If you are using Zoom through your computer then you need to download the free Zoom software into your computer.

If you are calling in (and not using your computer to view presentations going on in the conference room), then you just need to call in using the Zoom number below. Our Zoom call in number is 1-720-707-2699 – Our meeting ID is 881 481 5119. Use *6 to mute and unmute your phone.

  • Dial in with Zoom using 1-720-707-2699.
  • One tap mobile +17207072699,,8814815119# US
  • Our meeting ID is: 881 481 5119
  • Use *6 to mute and unmute your phone.
  • To view shared documents visit our Zoom meeting page – https://zoom.us/j/8814815119
  • Have questions about Zoom? Send us an email – CLICK HERE

Legislative Committee Meeting (LCM) Schedule

Note that meetings can be cancelled due to holidays, bad weather and conflicts with other major events. Please review the information below so you have a better idea about what Colorado Senior Lobby LCM are all about and know who to contact to confirm that a meeting is being held.

  • LCM are held on Mondays from 9:30AM to 11:30AM.
  • During the active Colorado legislative session, the LCM are generally held every Monday while the legislature is in session, with an occasional change or cancellation due to a conflict with a major event.
  • During the summer months LCM are held once or twice a month.
  • During the fall months (Sept – Dec), LCM are generally meet every two weeks.
  • Meetings can be cancelled due to holidays, bad weather and conflicts with other major events.

More about the Legislative Committee Meetings (LCM)

  • The meetings held during the legislative session focus on reviewing proposed bills that impact older adults in Colorado. It is during these meetings, that CSL Members vote on whether to Monitor, Support or Oppose a bill.
  • During the LCM we may have speakers come in and present on issues important to older adults. If possible we like to have two organizations attending a single meeting that have opposing views on a single issue.
  • During the legislative session, organizations attend and present on a bill that they want CSL’s support for during the next legislative session. Following such presentations, the LCM attendees who are members will vote on whether to support, oppose or monitor a certain bill.
  • Sign up for LCM Meeting Reminders
    Send us an email and ask to be added to an email blast that has the latest information about the LCM – CLICK HERE

LCM Meetings are open to CSL Members, General Public & Organizations

  • Our LCM meetings are open to Colorado Senior Lobby members, general public and organizations, however only paid members can vote on bill positions and have access to our CSL Legislative Bill Position Report system.
  • First Time Visitors
    If this is your first meeting, contact us because meetings can change at the last minute. You can also ask to be added to the Legislative Committee Meeting distribution list. You can attend in person or call in using our phone system.
    Contact: Bob Brocker –  303-832-4535
    Email: President@ColoradoSeniorLobby.org

Here are some tips for calling in

  • When you first call in please announce yourself with your name and identify yourself with a designation such as retiree, representing an organization or other affiliation.
  • When you first call in, you may hear a lot of talking, at some point the Chair of the meeting will ask if anyone is calling in – speak up and identify yourself.
  • When you first call in, you may be put on hold which means the call in phone system is not activated yet. If this happens please wait approximately 5 minutes for the official meeting time. If nothing happens, then call 303-832-4535.
  • The * 6 (‘Star’ 6) buttons on your phone will allow you to mute and unmute your phone, your voice and the background noises in your room.
  • If you are NOT TALKING, PLEASE MUTE YOUR PHONE. It is amazing how much background noise is picked up from those calling in, from coughing to typing to barking dogs. These unnecessary sounds are then projected into the committee meeting room disrupting the conversation – so please generously use * 6.

Legislative Committee Meeting Resources for Paid Members

  • We maintain a password protected legislative resource web page that is for paid members only.
  • Please consider joining so you have access to this resource, which includes the online Bill Tracking system – JOIN NOW

Special thanks to our Committee Meeting Host …

Disability Law Colorado
455 Sherman St #130, Denver, CO 80203
Disability Law Colorado (formerly known as The Legal Center for People with Disabilities and Older People) is an independent, public interest non-profit organization, specializing in civil rights and discrimination issues.
Website: DisabilityLawCO.org

“You have one of the most tremendous resources before you today which is an organization tuned into your issues that will actually take the time to train you how to be a citizen lobbyist. I really encourage you to take advantage of it …”

Rachel Zenzinger, Senate District 19

Colorado Senior Lobby Summer Social 2017