CSL Capitol Gang

Making a Difference – If you are really trying to make a difference with senior issues in Colorado, then the CSL Capitol Gang is the group for you.

This group is part of Colorado Senior Lobby (CSL) and it is the group that goes down to the Capitol on most Tuesdays and Thursdays while the Colorado Legislature is in session.

What do we do at the Capitol?

Sometimes we are just ‘seen’ by legislators and give a friendly smile. Sometimes there is a short friendly exchange of information with a Legislator. And then other times, we stop by a Legislator’s office to share some important facts about senior issues and a specific bill.

When a Bill is being heard that the Colorado Senior Lobby has taken a position on, then one or more of us signs up to testify, or many of us attend and fill the hearing room so the presence of Colorado Senior Lobby and older adults is seen and recognized in the Capitol.

We need People!

We are looking for people that have the time to be at the Capitol on a weekly basis. However, if you don’t have that much time available, but have an interest in Colorado politics, we are glad to have you at the Capitol with us, whenever you have time.

The point is that Citizen Lobbyists can make a difference in the laws that pass (or don’t pass) and Colorado Senior Lobby is an organization that not only encourages citizens to get involved, but can help teach citizens the basics of citizen lobbying and how to be most effective.

Many people may doubt the weight that a single citizen has, but a citizen’s correspondence (emails, letters or calls) or appearance at a bill hearing or personal conversation with their legislator, carries a lot of weight with legislators. The most important impact is if

the person is directly impacted by the Bill and has a personal story to share.

So, call or email Jeanette with your questions.

Asked to be added to The Capitol Bunch Lobbyists group. When you speak with them, share what your time commitment is. And if you are interested, but short on time, we still want you and most important, WE NEED YOU!

Jeanette Hensley – CSL Board Member – Community Representative
CSL Capitol Gang

Phone – 303-249-5598
Email Jeanette