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Colorado Senior Lobby (CSL) is a place where your voice can be heard without fear of any political backlash or standing. CSL encourages Colorado’s General Assembly, the U.S. Congress and state and federal government administrators to enact responsible legislation and establish effective regulations and administrative guidelines that positively affect the quality of life of all Colorado older citizens

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CSL members work to influence change through advocacy and education of public officials on current issues. CSL monitors legislation and administrative rule development to track and inform the public how legislators vote on bills related to senior issues and how legislation, once passed, is implemented. After the legislative session adjourns, the Senior Scorecard, a record of legislator votes on senior issues is distributed to CSL members and all state legislators.


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The Colorado Senior Lobby has a need for members and volunteers to assist with activities such as:


  • Colorado Senior Lobby Legislative Briefings
    Each Monday during the legislative session, CSL conducts legislative briefings (which are open to the public). These meetings are available for individuals to call into the weekly meetings and participate by phone or come in person. CSL Members receive weekly updates on all the Bills CSL is following and can vote to oppose, support or watch each Bill. CSL members often will testify at legislative committee hearings as well as boards and commissions regarding pending legislation and administrative issues, when appropriate.
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  • Wanted Non-Professional Activist Senior Citizens
    The Colorado Senior Lobby is looking for citizen activists to support the positions taken by the Senior Lobby. This is an opportunity to make your voice heard. The Senior Lobby has in the past had a strong presence at the state capitol but due to COVID-19 we are contacting legislators via email and through Zoom meetings. As a volunteer you will find this to be a very rewarding activity and one that will give you direct influence in protecting seniors.
  • Volunteer to Contact Representatives at the State, Local or National Level

    Special 2015 Senior Day at The Capitol guest, 9News Cheryl Preheim with CSL President Ed Shackelford and CSL Chairman Bob Epstein.

    Prior to COVID-19, the Colorado Senior Lobby would accompany anyone interested in senior issues to the state capitol and provide assistance in locating the right committee meeting room and direction on how to arrange to testify. The legislature is designed to be friendly to citizens who want to express their opinion. With COVID-19 still around you can make your voice heard in many ways: write a letter, send an email, or call.

  • Participate in the CSL Legislative Committee Meetings
    The Senior Lobby reviews all proposed legislation and selects those that affect seniors for weekly discussion. The result is that the Senior Lobby will either support or oppose proposed legislation. If there is uncertainty then it will monitor the proposed legislation. As the bill proceeds through the process it is frequently amended. This may result in the Senior Lobby changing its position.

“I realized how important telehealth is and that broadband needs to reach all rural areas and I agree that broadband should be a utility.”

Participant’s Comment Regarding Colorado Senior Lobby’s 2020 Persevering Through A Pandemic Webinar