CSL Legislative Committee Bill Position Report 2019

The CSL Legislative Committee Bill Position Report is used to track Colorado legislation that is of interest to the Colorado Senior Lobby as it moves through the Colorado General Assembly. While the Colorado Legislature is in session, the CSL Legislative Committee meets every Monday to review proposed Bills and update the Colorado Senior Lobby Legislative Committee Bill Position Report.

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Glossary of Terms

Appendix V – Terms, Acronyms and Abbreviations from Colorado Medical Assistance Program – CLICK HERE

Glossary of Acronyms from HCPF – CLICK HERE
HCPF – (Colorado Department of) Health Care Policy and Financing

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Glossary of LTSS Terms – CLICK HERE
LTSS – Long Term Services and Support

HCBS Resources

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HCBS – Home Community Based Services

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HCBS – Home Community Based Services

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SEP – Single Point Entry

Additional Resources

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