The Lobby focuses on issues and promotes beneficial legislation, while remaining strictly non-partisan and not supporting any specific political party or candidate.

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Since you are reading this, you have some interest in issues impacting older adults in Colorado. What are the most common issues? What we at Colorado Senior Lobby (CSL) hear over and over again are four basic themes: better and more convenient transportation options for access to medical care and everything else, health care costs and availability, housing we can afford and that works for an aging body, and engagement in society.

Think about this as you think about life, post-work: We have elections to vote people into office whom we feel will best represent us and make good decisions on our behalf. In our last state General Assembly session, nearly 800 distinct legislative proposals (bills) were introduced by our 100 legislators. Do you think it is possible for all 100 of those people – our neighbors, essentially – to understand the details (or even the basics) behind every one of those bills?

What we at CSL (and we are all volunteers) do is educate ourselves and then educate our legislators on the legislative proposals that make a difference to us, the older adults of Colorado, and then we advocate for those issues.

We (older Coloradans) are nearly one million in number, but we are NOT one million strong. About 75% of that nearly one million do vote, a very high percentage, so we know there is interest in who gets elected. And then what?

The then what is organizations like Colorado Senior Lobby. Learn more about what we do and please join.

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“You have one of the most tremendous resources before you today which is an organization tuned into your issues that will actually take the time to train you how to be a citizen lobbyist. I really encourage you to take advantage of it …”

Rachel Zenzinger, Senate District 19

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