May 8, 2017
The Senior Space
by Steve Grund

The Colorado Legislature really came together last week with Senate Bill 267; the soup-to-nuts law with something in it for everyone. Suffice to say, in legislative circles, this bill is a must-read. Thank goodness for our frontier friends, who now won’t require Space X for a hospital visit.

We are two days away from ending the session with this big bill still nipping at the heels of the state budget which was passed last week…four weeks late. If there are surprises still to come, they will be bombshells. None are in the forecast. As of this writing, a final vote is needed in the Senate, then two votes in the House and then on to the Governor. Should happen.

Construction Defects made progress as well. After four years of trying, House Bill 1279 changes the process for lawsuits; hopefully decreasing the number of them and inspiring more condos and creating more affordable housing.

Senior property owners dodged the revamping of the Homestead Act and will continue to save on their property tax bills. Proponents of reorganizing that benefit have got to be kicking themselves since our Colorado counties have issued new property value assessments that are through the roof. It was a tough exercise this year; but, seniors may find their voice in the gubernatorial year of 2018 and make things a tad tougher.

One more note about rural Colorado moving forward. While it does appear our ‘other’ state of Colorado has dodged a bullet and prevented hospitals from shutting down, let’s be clear that this is hardly a victory. The hospital closures were more of a death threat to an already struggling patient.

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