Learn more about the topics discussed at the February 20, 2017 Colorado Senior Lobby Legislative Committe Meeting through The Senior Space – TheSeniorSpace.org

For the 2017 Legislative session Colorado Senior Lobby has hired Steve Grund to help us track what is happening in this year’s legislative session. The Senior Space column is Steve’s take on the Monday morning legislative meeting and the 2017 Colorado Legislative Session in general. 

A few high points

The Colorado Senior Lobby’s Monday morning legislative meetings are growing! The meetings are averaging 30 volunteers each Monday and that includes people calling in from rural Colorado.

The February 27th Monday morning meeting hosted Former Representative Dianne Primavera. She spoke on tips for lobbying Colorado Legislators. One tip is, “Tell the truth, don’t provide any ‘alternative facts’. Remember, each legislator comes to serve with a limited background. There is no way they know all the issues or facts for each aspect of Colorado law. They are relying on you to educate them.”

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