Colorado Senior Lobby strongly supports HB 17-1264. It targets support for our most fragile older population by providing more employees to help.

The PACE program (all-inclusive care for the elderly) has been in need of additional ombudsmen as the caseloads overwhelm the ability to keep up.

This is where the rubber meets the road. Real help. When trying to really help seniors in need, always know your Area Agency on Aging. Those people are our connectors for Colorado seniors in need. Even one or two additional ombudsmen help facilitate the entire process of how our AAA’s distribute care to those in need.

Ombudsmen protect the rights of people living in nursing homes and assisted living residences. Advocacy with dignity. This bill deserves to be passed.

New Bills we are watching

There are no new bills to watch this week.

Bills we are watching

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Reverse Mortgage Repayment when Home Uninhabitable. Concerning the suspension of a borrower’s obligation to repay a reverse mortgage when a force majeure renders the subject property uninhabitable as a principal residence. House Second Reading, Apr 17th

Extend Home Care Allowance Grant Program. Senate Appropriations, Apr 18th, 8:40a, SCR 357

Update National Standards Citations Accessible Housing. Signed by the Governor

Requirement Durable Medical Equipment Suppliers. Individuals in the state, closer to other state borders, can only find suppliers across the border. This is primarily an access bill. Current law says the supplier must be from Colorado. House Third Reading, Final Passage, Apr 17th

Office of Public Guardianship Pilot Prevention Program. The bill creates the office of public guardianship (office) within the judicial department to provide legal guardianship services to indigent and incapacitated adults. House, Third Reading Passed, No Amendments

Telehealth Coverage under Health Benefit Plans. Clarification of services that should be covered whether via telehealth or in person. Signed by the Governor

Direct Primary Health Care Services. Parameters under which a direct primary care agreement may be implemented. House Concurred with Senate Amendments – Repass

Continue Low-income Household Energy Assistance. This bill continues energy-related assistance to low-income households. In Senate, Ag, Natural Resources & Energy, Refer Unamended to Appropriations

Patient Safety Act. The bill requires applicants for initial licensure or certification, as well as current licensees and certificate holders, to submit to a fingerprint-based criminal history record check. Includes: Podiatrists, Dentists and dental hygienists, Medical doctors, physician assistants, and anesthesiologists; Nurses, Certified nurse aides, Optometrists and Veterinarians. Finance, Refer Unamended to Appropriations

Medicaid Appeal Review Legal Notice Requirements. Signed by the Governor

Medicaid Provider Compliance Billing Safety Rules. The bill subjects a provider of Medicaid services to a civil monetary penalty if the provider improperly bills or seeks collection from a Medicaid recipient or the estate of a Medicaid recipient. Public Health Care & Human Services, Apr 18th, 1:30p Room 0107

Audits of Medicaid Client Correspondence. Signed by the Governor

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– Steve

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Steve Grund serves as Policy Chair for the Colorado Aging Commission and as a legislative liaison for the Colorado Senior Lobby. The Senior Space, however, is a reflection of his views only.
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