When first presented with the idea of working with the Colorado Senior Lobby for Senior Day at the Capitol, there were some hesitations. Were the topics that were to be discussed relevant to college students? Would we be welcomed at the event as college kids? And, would we be able to do what was being asked of us?

After some consideration, we thought why not give it a try! As the day grew closer, we became more excited and more nervous at the same time. But, after being involved with the event for one day, we knew we were working on something truly special.

All of our students were very honored to work with the Colorado Senior Lobby. We were impressed by the turnout of people to support the event and the number of legislators who came out to show their support as well.

By far, the aspect of the day that was most impressive was the warm reception we received from the seniors themselves. The generational gap made some of us worried; but, that was immediately washed away as we started interacting with everyone there.

“My favorite part of the day was interviewing the seniors at the luncheon and hearing their responses to the event. For them, healthcare, housing and transportation aren’t just campaign issues or political talking points, but matters of life and death. I was moved to hear their experiences and grateful that our team was able to give voice to their concerns,” said Deanna Hirsch, Senior Day reporter and recent graduate.

Senior Day at the Capitol was a highlight in our college careers and an experience that we cannot wait to be a part of again.




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