Colorado Senior Lobby is seeking qualified candidates, who have the time and willingness to volunteer, to fill positions on its board of directors. Applicants need not live in the Denver region or attend each board meeting in person.

We seek people who have one or more of the following qualifications and/or experiences:

  • A good understanding, and a real passion for, senior-related issues
  • Experience working in aging related business or agency
  • Experience working with advocacy groups
  • Fund-raising skills/experience
  • Past service on non-profit boards or committees
  • Business experience
  • Marketing experience
  • Public speaking experience

What Does the CSL Board Do?

The CSL Board is the policy making body for the administration and operation of the Lobby and has these duties and responsibilities:

  • To conduct, manage, and control the affairs of the Lobby.
  • To create and administer policies and procedures to help manage the Lobby which are consistent with the law, articles of incorporation, and the By-Laws.
  • To obtain adequate financing to operate the Lobby and to manage funds appropriately.
  • To appoint committees on which a director, or a qualified CSL member/volunteer, shall chair the committee. Each committee shall have powers as designated by the Board.
  • To appoint other agents to fulfill duties and have authority as determined by the Board.

To apply, please send your resume, including relevant experience/qualifications as outlined above, to

Qualified candidates will be contacted for conversation and potential interview. Applications must be received by June 15, 2018.