Mobile Home living can be quite satisfying when it is finally given the respect it deserves.

For those who strive to own their own home, and for those who need affordable rental opportunities: this Time Magazine article might expand your thinking – CLICK HERE

There are many identified possible solutions to what in Colorado is a serious problem, affecting not only those who live here but also preventing some with needed talent and skill from moving here.

One solution – the only one that would not cost state/local government any significant funding, is mobile homes. There is also a new trend referred to as tiny homes. But many are on the same portable structure as a mobile home – just with different styling.

Historically, this living arrangement has been associated with a less than desirable living environment. But, it doesn’t have to be so. The article in TIME (see above link) is an example of comfortable living for many people.

Times are changing. More people realize that they can live comfortably in smaller space. And when you own your own home you can provide protection from inflation, which normally increases faster than income.

So let’s consider a typical mobile home park in Colorado:

Many of these parks were originally owned by individuals living in the vicinity. They took care of the “park” and charged a monthly fee that was stable and related to the actual cost to develop and maintain the property.

A more recent trend is: remote investors are purchasing many of the “parks”. They have two goals – maximize return on investment and “warehouse” the land until it is in demand for development. Both of these work to the disadvantage of the residents.

This has proved to be a failed business model for the consumer: but profitable for the investor.

What is missing is adequate protection for the residents. Basically this is the property rights of the land owner vs. the property rights of the owner of a mobile home (and the tiny home). For Colorado, both law and common practice strongly favor the land owner at the expense of the mobile home owner.


  • Legislation improving the rights of the mobile home (tiny home) owners
  • Developments where property is platted and the home owner owns the land underneath
  • This can be combined with an HOA that can effectively manage the entire complex
  • Strong management of the “parks”, creating an optimal environment
  • There is the opportunity for developers and/or local government to develop the “park”, create an HOA and arrange for the HOA and the individuals over time to pay for the costs of development and maintenance

Legislative attempts to improve the current situation for occupants of mobile home parks has been stymied in the Senate. The bills end up in the “kill/ideology” committee and never even makes it to the Senate floor. Basically, at the behest of state senate leadership and three senators, there is no progress on this industry’s contribution to improving the availability of affordable housing. This is unacceptable to those who want solutions to affordable housing.

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