Help Protect Seniors from Financial Abuse. Let’s support HB-1253

Dear Friends,

Please allow me to share why HB-1253 is such a good idea for Colorado, and why this bill needs to become law. HB 1253 requires a financial adviser to flag regulators if a senior’s account is seeing unusual activity. That’s it.

We often think of seniors being fleeced by predators. True. More common, however, are good people close to elderly family members who are tempted by easy money. If your loved one’s financial adviser suspects exploitation, this law would require that adviser to take his or her suspicions to the Securities Commission. Further, the financial adviser/planner is protected from civil action. This really helps the buy-in from the people we rely upon to watch over our loved ones’ assets.

Colorado Senior Lobby strongly supports Rep. Danielson and Sen. Crowder for creating this effective tool of prevention.

Please make a call or send an email to your state representatives and ask them for their support too. We could have an important vote on this bill as early as Monday (April 3, 2017); so, please call or write your legislators as soon as you can.

Link to Legislators:

Thank you for your consideration of HB-1253.

Ed Shackelford
President, Colorado Senior Lobby
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Phone: 720-353-3775