Messaging from the Heart Helps Bridge our Differences

It is a bit of a splintered winter. There are more than 400 bills floating around the statehouse with exactly 100 lawmakers touting the significance of each. There are two primary political parties steeped in the notion that each provides a more productive path for a better world.

National issues dominate over local issues. This reminds many of us over 60 that we haven’t seen this type of political environment since we were teenagers.

How can one focus on local political issues when one’s family is threatened with deportation; or, when one’s lifeline to healthcare might be unplugged?

“Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong,” sang Stephen Stills in 1967. “Paranoia strikes deep, into your heart it will seep, it starts when you’re always afraid; step out of line, the man comes and take you away. You better stop, look around; everyone looks what’s going down.”

Regardless of how far left or right you are in your work and play, most still get to go home to someone who loves them.
And, isn’t that love the foundation of where all of this inspiration to be right begins? A verification of self, pound a stake into the ground and, not too far from that, a line in the sand is drawn? Fight for one’s ideas and morals and it’s probably a little okay that you step on someone else a bit?

Before the pillars of politics comes the primary core elements of human survival. No matter your age, if you are not safe, you don’t think about anything else until you are safe.

But, isn’t it interesting that as soon as you do feel safe, and then add some love on to it, you find your sea legs? And, then, what is it about people? Soon as you find that element of security, it’s time to teach someone else what you’ve learned, share and evangelize…as if the unsuspecting folks you’re interrupting aren’t doing the same thing to someone else?

Someone please let us all know what great politician of the past thanked his or her political party for a live well lived on his/her deathbed? No one. None of this political stuff ever shows up on the life and death meter. The life and death meter is a love measurement.

Please, let’s add some love sprinkles to this Legislature. Might we enjoy a bit of inspiration here and there? Do something to remind each other that you all come from the same place and want the same things; to be whole, to be vibrant, to be productive, to feel safe, and to feel the treasure of value spreading.

Instead of the fiscal thicket, let’s pour some heart into the big talk about TABOR, Amendment 23 and the Gallagher Amendment. Since so many fought so long and hard to allow the voters to decide, how about forwarding the unique idea to …. The voters?

And, offer a flower to the person sitting next to you. Love never gets old.

Steve Grund
Steve Grund serves as Policy Chair for the Colorado Aging Commission and as a legislative liaison for the Colorado Senior Lobby. “The Senior Space,” however, is a reflection of his views only.

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