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For the 2017 Legislative session Colorado Senior Lobby has hired Steve Grund to help us track what is happening in this year’s legislative session. The Senior Space column is Steve’s take on the Monday morning legislative meeting and the 2017 Colorado Legislative Session in general. 

A few high points:

  • Colorado Senior Lobby is strongly supporting HB-1087; the Office of Public Guardianship Pilot Program. Some people have no one. If that person becomes indigent or incapacitated, this bill creates a framework to address it. The thoughtful part is that it’s a pilot program; discovering the depth of the problem and the associated costs first, and then determining the most effective methods to help after that.
  • CSL also strongly supports HB-1116, which Continues Low-income Household Energy Assistance. This has been a terrific tool for years.
  • There is also strong support for a host of Medicaid-related measures. If you are touched by Medicaid, or know someone who is, then please go to the Bill Sheet source below and read up on them. They are:
    HB-1126, Medicaid Appeal Review Legal Notice Requirements
    HB-1139, Medicaid Provider Compliance Billing Safety Rules
    HB-1143, Audits of Medicaid Client Correspondence
    SB-121, Improve Medicaid Client Correspondence
  • There is only one bill Strongly Opposed by CSL; and, it is in the Senate. SB-003 was launched on the first day of the session. That one is titled Repeal Colorado Health Benefit Exchange. We ask, ‘in exchange for what?’

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